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When I first started working with Stacey, she felt all sorts of stuck.  She had done a lot of her own personal work, getting herself healthy.  But as she cast her eyes around the shape of her life, she felt discouraged.  She knew what her passion was (writing), but absolutely nothing in her life supported her to go after it.  The job that she worked felt like a constant battle, and left her feeling drained and exhausted.  And going home at the end of the day wasn't much relief either.  She hated the apartment where she lived, having moved in to it for "interim housing".  Yeah.  Eight years later, she still was still stuck there.

She began day dreaming of a different life.  A life where she lived in a light filled apartment, and wrote novels, as she gazed out at her view.  A life of calm, serenity, and creativity.  A life where she was, dare she say it?, happy.  But she thought that wasn't possible.  Until she met me.

I began working with her, guiding her to shift her beliefs about what was possible.    We began to look at what she really wanted, not just what she thought she could have.  She had cut apart her dream apartment, and would only allow herself to think of "acceptable" apartments.  Because she couldn't really get what she wanted, could she?  Money was a huge issue, she just didn't believe that it could happen any time soon because of what it took to move.  I didn't let her off that easy.  I held her hand, in a metaphorical way, you know, and made her stick to a vision of what she really wanted.  Because if she just focused on what was acceptable, that would be exactly what she would end up with.  I assured her that the money would be there.  If she took action, the money would just nestle right up to her, and slip in her pocket.  It always works that way.

Thinking I was crazy, but wanting on the deepest level to believe, she took the step.  And lo and behold, the money magically appeared in her life.  As did the perfect apartment.  In her price range.

She now lives in that apartment, still amazed that it actually happened.  That she ACTUALLY wakes up each morning in this place that she loves, with a delicious view and plenty of light.  It is amazing the difference living in a place that inspires you can be.

So there she was, happy in her apartment, happy to come home after a long battle of a day.  But of course, seeing how happy she was at home, she then begin to wonder if she could be happy at work too.  Crazy thought, I know, but I believed it.

This, however, was harder for Stacey.  She focused on the paycheck.  And the sucky job market.  And the jobs that she could do as opposed to the jobs she wanted.

We began again, looking at things, poking around.  I was worried for her, because I knew exactly, both intuitively and because I understand the patterns of the Universe, what would happen if she didn't get out of that job.  I knew that it was the wrong place, and if she didn't move, the Universe was going to start shouting at her.  Through her body (after all, that really is often how the Universe likes to shout at us).  When I told her my sense of impending health issues, which she confirmed with another friend, she knew she had to get moving.  Because honestly, she also knew it herself, but she didn't want to hear it.  But she needed to hear it to give her the motivation to get herself out of an unhealthy environment.

It worked.  Stacey was finally able to move on.  And move on in to a new job that she feels is exactly what she needs in her life right now.  A job that supports her not only financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  A job that she herself intuitively knew was the one she was going to get, once she found it.  Now she finally has her own energy back, and is returning to her true, honest self.  And she is beginning to THRIVE, that one.

Next step:  Get that girl writing.  Now that she is settled in to her new home and her new job, its time to get to the really juicy stuff.  We'll be working on that over the next year.  I'm ready for even more amazingess.

If I had told Stacey a year ago where she would be at today, she probably wouldn't believe me.  She probably would cry, out of the wanting it so much and the longing of not having it.  Oh, wait a minute, I did tell her that she would be here. 

And lucky for her, she dared to believe me.  Lucky for me too, because it has been so much damn fun seeing that woman transform and blossom. I'm completely excited about what is about to happen next... 

In Stacey's words...

Jillian is helping me focus my energy where it will do me some good, using simple exercises tailored to meHer support is instrumental in keeping me moving in the direction I choose, and her intuitive insights help to keep me focused and inspired.  I have confidence that I am in my way to creating the life that is best for me.

Reclaiming my life has been invaluable.  This process is not only NOT painful (I was so afraid of being disappointed again), it is actually FUN (and I hadn’t had fun in many years when we started down this road)!  I wholeheartedly recommend Jillian’s Life Coaching services to anyone looking to improve their life – in big ways or in small ways.  It is an investment in the future - my own future.


Society is really in to telling us that our job has to be our calling.  But that isn't true for everyone.  For some, a job is a job, and their calling happens in their off hours.  But when we know that our job is not our calling, it can be easy to think that we have no calling at all.

Not true.

John was a delightful example of how our calling is waiting for us, whether we know it or not.  We started simple, doing exercises evaluating his values.  We discovered that Spirituality was the value he wanted to bring into his life more. His immediate goal for the week was simply to add chanting meditation every day in the morning. As the weeks went on, with a full awareness of how this was an important value to have more of, he was inspired to take it up a notch. He became more involved in his local Buddhist group - hosting study sessions in his home and going to meetings and study sessions. Before he knew it (within a month of doing this exercise) he became the Young Men's Division Leader. He feels more passionate and inspired, and has become what he calls a "hardcore Buddhist". He realized that his calling is to live his path, and be an inspiration to others.  Good work, John, you inspire me every day.

In John's words...

Jillian really knows how to point out the tools I already had lurking in my mind, rusting away with all the cobwebs and rusty clunkets. She says, "Oh you, what's that under that rumpled heap? A real dazzler of a delicious gem! Use that one!" And I say "Aha, why didn't I see that before? I must have mistaken it for a real piece of useless trash, when all along it was the treasure I'd been looking for!"

That's what Jillian does.   


Tracy is a great example of the shift that can happen in just one life coaching session.  Tracy came to me all blocked up, in a writer sort of way.  Boy, was that girl suffering from some serious writing block.  Even though she had a delightful blog that she had been working on and building up, she found her self at a standstill.  The girl Just. Couldn't. Write.  And she wanted to jump over that and get moving!

In our session, I worked with Tracy, to first uncover all the junk that was going in her life to see where the flow had been stopped.  Then, we peeled back a little further, and discovered the beliefs she was hanging on to, which were keeping that metaphorical pen out of her hand.  We continued to peel away, to find the truth underneath all of the crap that she had been sitting with.

At the beginning of the session, Tracy was frustrated, angry, and stuck.  By the end of the session, she had lit up, was excited, and had rediscovered the passion for writing.  Her entire energy shifted.  And finally, she felt inspired again.


Working with Carrie was like slicing through warm butter.  Yes.  I just said that.  When Carrie and I began working together, she pretty much knew what career she wanted to pursue.  She just wasn't doing anything about it.  And the next steps were pretty vague.  So she just kept putting it off.

That's where I came in.  Pretty quickly, I worked with Carrie to help her clarify what exactly she wanted - and what she didn't want.  I guided her to clarify the steps needed, and held her accountable to getting those steps done.  The stagnation that she had been mired in melted away. 

By the end of our time together, Carrie had closed up her life in New York City, found an apartment and a job, and made her way to her new home in North Carolina.  On her path and moving forward!


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