Welcome to Life 101

With Intuitive Life Coach, Jillian Harrington

"I am so thankful for this program.  I am not the same person I was before this program and I am in love with the direction my life is heading. I learned things about myself that helped me break old habits and establish boundaries with people that needed to happen long ago. I have always been a motivated person and optimistic but now I feel more love, compassion, appreciation, and more exuberant about life from a deeper place with-in me. It has brought new meaning to my work and purpose to everything I do.  Thanks a million!"    -Brandi Higbee, Soma Vista Massage

You are here in physical form for a reason.  To learn.  To grow.  To be happy.  To resolve relationship issues.  To give your gift to the world.

In this 8-week e-coaching program you will examine the various aspects of your life, and really ramp them up so you can feel a success in life both during life, and after - to know you lived your life well, and loved every minute of it.

Are you ready to learn why you are here, and how to really take control of your life and make it shine?

Are you ready to evolve your life?

Life 101 Class is an 8 week immersion into how life works and what to do about it!

In this class, you and your fellow classmates, will learn all the foundational information about why your life is set up the way it is, and how to make life really work for you.

During this 8 week program we'll cover topics like...

  • Do I have a calling?  And what is it, anyway?
  • Why this family?  Why this body?  Why this life?
  • Relationships, the struggles & the joys and how to make the most of it
  • Life Lessons - you have them, you want to learn them, and then move on!

Along the way, you will see your life in a new light.  But not only that.  I'm talking action, baby, because it is the name of the game.  Each week, you will take big steps forward to reshape your life so that it is a success - emotionally, physically, & spiritually.  At the beginning of the course, you'll be selecting a Life Project - an area of your life that you really want to shift and move.  Perhaps it is a relationship, or money, or self-care.  As we go through the course, you will take what you've learned and apply it to your Life Project.  And so!  As you learn how to use all this tasty knowledge on one life area, you'll be ready to spread it out to other areas in your life, one piece at a time.

I have dedicated my entire life to learning all that I can about how life works and how to really make the most of it.  Through all of my research, common themes continued to pop up, and I saw these themes and issues acted out in my clients' lives as well. 

Using this knowledge that I've put in this class, I have taken my clients, and myself, from places of being stuck and dissatisfied with life, to places of excitement, possibility, and joy.  I have watched, over and over, as their lives cracked open, and they were able to quickly transform their lives in dramatic and unexpected ways.  Everything that was not working for them in life was quickly peeled away.  Leaving the space to build a life true to themselves, on track, and on Purpose.

I've now gathered up all of this knowledge in order to help you in your life.  I know that you can have all that you desire, and sometimes you just need a little help.  And it doesn't hurt to have a bit of fun in the process.

What you'll receive:

  • Weekly videos & information on that week's topic
  • Assignments!  Of course!  What is a class without homework to propel you forward?  Custom built worksheets and downloads to help you make the most of each week's lesson
  • A supportive Facebook group, to chat with others in the class, share your a-ha's and cheer each other on through your growth
  • A study group!  I'll be grouping everyone in groups of three so you can really bounce around some of the deeper ideas and topics, and support each other along the way
  • Inspiring must-read book suggestions, for those when you want to read a bit deeper on each subject
  • Input & guidance from me on the message boards, and via email
  • And!  Because I am completely committed to your success, I am offering this as a lifetime membership to this class.  You are welcome to return and repeat the class again, anytime I run the program, for free.  And each time, you can step your life up further to the next stage.

What it's all about,,,

Start!It begins

Before the course even begins, you'll have access to content to get you going, and will able to meet each other, to gear up for when class is ready to start

Week 1: Introducing Your Life

Taking a peak into your life as it is today.  Getting to know your fellow group mates.  Picking your Life Project to work on, while planning forward to the end of the eight weeks.

Week 2:  Get Clear & Get Going

Removing life's clutter.  Clearing away what may be holding you back, both physically and symbolically.  Looking at new approach to being productive in life (no task list required).  Starting to move forward on your Life Project.

Week 3:  It's Magic!

How to use some of the magical energy of life to get what you want.  How energy works and how to take care of your personal energy.  And playing with all of that.

Week 4:  Your Calling

On a quest for what your calling might be.  And what to do about it.

Week 5:  Life Settings

Did you live before?  Who were you?  And why are you who you are now?  How your life gets set up the way it does.  How you selected the course of your life.  Why you have the family you have.  The essential structure of How Life Works.

Week 6:  Life's Lessons & Challenges

Your life lessons and challenges.  Your character flaws & the gifts they give you.  How to move forward in those frustrating areas, and make them delicious.

Week 7:  Relationships

The relationships in your life.  Family.  Pets.  Soul mates.  Guides (and how to connect with them). Angels.  Everyone who plays a part in your life, whether you see them or not.  Why some people may drive you crazy, and how that might actually be a wonderful thing.  And how to get a little help from your invisible staff.

Week 8:  Enjoy the Show!

Pulling it all together.  Enjoying life and embracing the ugly bits.  And!  Projects done!  What have you gained and where are you going next?

So, are you ready...

  • To take your soul & your life up to the next level
  • To have purpose & direction in life
  • To handle the challenges & difficulties with success & ease
  • To understand how life works and what it all means
  • To have that kickass life that you truly deserve

...Then let's go! 

Life 101Class

Class is not currently in session, but for a limited time (while I'm creating the latest version of the course), I am offering the course at the early bird rate, for those who are interested in going through the course as a self-study program.  (And!  This means you'll be locked-in for the next version, coming out Summer 2013)

Early Bird Rate $97, Regular Rate $197.


I am SO looking forward to working with you!!

And please, let me know if you have any questions~


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