This blog post goes out to all of you that are spending your days working for someone else.  Who wake up in the morning, throw the alarm across the room, drudge in to work, toil away, come home burnt out, veg out, and return to bed to begin it all over again.  All in the hopes that someday, SOME DAY, you'll finally get to where you want to be.  Whether it's that promotion.  Or debt paid off.  Or a comfy retirement.  Whatever you are calling it, it is the day that you long for when you will finally be free to be yourself and just simply enjoy life.

Guess what?  That day ain't gonna happen if you spend it trying to fit into a box, toiling away for someone else.  The box of the cubicle, the box of the idea of what kind of work you should do, the box of how you should live your day to day life.

Because what happens if you get to retirement, and you just end up feeling broke, having to pinch your pennies.  Or lost, feeling like you missed out on something.  I've seen this happen, and it is the reward that has been given to those who have played the game the way they were taught to play it.

And are you really going to get out of debt?  When you have to continue to spend to alleviate the suffering that you experience in your daily life (food, alcohol, vacations, shopping)?

Are you ever really going to get there going the way you're going?  Did you know that there is a huge depression rate amongst top executives, because they finally got to the top, and realized that what they were looking for wasn't there?  And now they don't know what to do, or if there even is anything to do?  Welcome existential crisis.

You want to know what it is they are looking for?  What it is you are looking for?

It's you.  The only thing you really are looking for, is to be you, to live your life authentically and truly aligned with who you are, and the gifts you have to give to the world.

And let me tell you something else - honestly, it kind of sucks that you aren't sharing your gifts with the world.  And I mean, it sucks for the rest of us.  Because the truth of the matter is, WE are the ones missing out.  Not just you. 

I look to some of the people in my life that have really helped me along my path (like Wendy Wolf, who teaches psychic & energy healing classes along with lots of other amazing things; and Madeline Hartman, who opened a psychic school to help people learn to really nourish their energy and spirit along with their intuition; or Richard Seaman, who started as a life coach and went on to found Seattle Life Coach Training; and so many many more).  They all jumped out of the box into a world that probably seemed pretty crazy at the time, or perhaps they thought they may be a little crazy for doing it.  And not just sticking with a nine to five job, with benefits and time off.  And "security".  (I put "security" in quotes, because, c'mon, don't we all know plenty of people who have lost their jobs and have been left in total fear, not knowing what was happening in their lives?  Doesn't sound very secure to me).

And thank god they did jump out of that box.  Because, personally, my life would be quite a bit bleaker if they hadn't.  And I'm not the only one.  But they had a gift to give, and they stepped up, took a leap, fought their own insecurities/fears/doubts/judgements, and did it.  And I would bet that they would say it wasn't always easy or fun, but that it was 800% worth it.  That their life is so much more ALIVE because they decided to just live THEIR life.  And not someone else's.

At least, that is certainly how I feel.  I love that I finally live a life that fits ME.  And, after working with my clients, and see them shift and open up and feel excited about life again, I get excited about life all over again.  And I know that every fear that I had to face, every doubt, every uncertainty, was worth the effort to pass through to get to this beautiful amazing life.

You can have an amazing life.  Where you feel whole and alive.  Where you feel that you can shape your day the way you want to live it (Don't want to wake up before 10?  Done.  Prefer to work for a few hours in the early morning, and then have the rest of your day to yourself?  You can have that too).  This isn't just for Those Other People.  This is for you.

Whatever your truth is, your passion, your essence of being - there are people out there hungry to buy it.

And yes, my dear, you CAN make a living at it.  Stop using that excuse.  It's bullshit.  The truth you will probably find is that you can make a whole heck of a lot more money pursuing your truth than you ever will anybody else's.

So.  Get to it, would you?  If you need any help on that journey, to nudge, to inspire, to help clarify and really keep you on your truth, I'm available.  Let me tell you, it is one of my favorite things to coach on.

Because there is nothing better than realizing that, just like Dorothy, you had the power to realize your dreams all along.