This message is for you.  Yep, if you are reading this, than the following applies.

You are better than you think.

You have those judgements in your head.  Judgements that try to put you in your place.  They think they are helping you, making you a better person, by pointing out your flaws so you know where to grow.

The only problem is: they're wrong.

In psychology, there is a diagnosis called body dysmorphic disorder.  Simply put, people who have this disorder don't see what everyone else sees when they look in the mirror.  They don't see their actual body, their brain distorts it and sends them the wrong information.  And they think they look hideous - their nose is gruesome, their thighs are gigantic, their eyes look strange.  You've seen this - those skeletal anorexics who think they still need to lose weight.  There you go, body dysmorphic disorder.  The brain skews reality.

Guess what?  We all have this to some degree, not necessarily with our body image, but with whatever we are judging ourselves harshly on.  Your brain twists things, so you see things as worse than they actually are.

You are stronger than you think.
You are smarter than you think.
You are braver than you think.
Your body looks better you think.

You are better at "x" than you think - go ahead and fill in whatever you like in that "x" spot.  Writing, drawing, dancing, whatever.

You are really too hard on yourself.

And, when you are hard on yourself, doubt yourself, criticize yourself, you get in your own way.  You stop the magic from happening.  You do worse than you normally would, because you are holding yourself back, and trying to match your minds assessment of you.

So.  Just remember that.  You really can't trust everything your brain says.

Whatever it is that you are judging yourself about, just remember that you can't see things accurately.  So go easy on yourself, will you?  You are pretty amazing. 

And that is the truth.