Seriously.  Why don't you just have what you want in your life?

And I mean it - just have it.  Don't struggle for it.  Don't work for it. Just open the door and invite it in.

I'm going to tell you about how my life works, in a way that continues to amaze me every time.  And then I'm going to help you get some of it.

Sound good?  Then let's go.

Clients.  I'm a life coach, and as a life coach, my business is built on having clients.  Makes sense.

I tell you, over and over and over, what sets me from getting new clients is the energy I put out.


It's like I've got an "open/closed" sign.  And when I feel overwhelmed or stressed or have too much in my life, and I really don't want any new clients, I put out the energetic "closed" sign, and I won't hear a peep from clients.

Then time goes by.  Things calm down, and I think "you know, I could have some more clients, that would be good."  And I flip over the sign to "open", and all of a sudden I will receive client after client after client.

This is the only difference that happens when I start receiving more clients.  It has absolutely nothing to do with me advertising more (because I don't) or asking for more referrals (because I don't) or anything else that you could see. 

It is like I flip a switch.  And good things flow in.

So.  What do you want to flip a switch to receive more of?  Clients?  Money?  Friends?  Dates?  Time alone?

You name it, you can have it, and without having to do anything that special.

I've figured out the magic formula (oooh!  magic!).  So, let's put it to the test.


Be neutral.
Check in to see if you have are putting out an "open" or a "closed" sign.
Switch the sign to open, energetically speaking.
Ask for what you want.
Bonus: Take action.


The first thing I think that makes the big difference is neutrality.

You see, the number of clients I have doesn't set my worth as a coach or as a human being.  If I have 1 client, fine.  If I have 80 clients, fine.  Just because I have more clients doesn't mean I am "better" or if I have fewer clients it doesn't mean I'm "failing".  I'm pretty indifferent to it.

Why this works - I am not putting any resistance into what I want.  If I thought "oh, god, I am failing!!  I don't have a full list this week!" then I'd be putting in all of this resistant energy, which blocks things up and keeps delicious things from flowing in.

Let's look at your magic switch.  For many people, they'd like more money.  Do you feel neutral about money?  If you had no money whatsoever, and had to live on food stamps and government aid, would you feel that your value as a person was the same as if you were a millionaire who lived on a yacht and traveled the world? 

The degree to which you resist poverty is the same degree that you resist wealth.

And, on the other side of it, do you think that people who are rich are evil, or greedy or bad in some way?  Are you angry at the 1%?  Well then my dear, if you are saying that money is bad, then why would you invite it in?  And why would it want to hang out with you?

The same is true for anything.  The same degree to which you resist or judge loneliness, being single, and so on, is the same amount that you block out abundance in those very areas.

Action:  Accept what you might be resisting.  Validate that who you are as a person is wonderful, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are lonely or a social butterfly, whether you are single or married.  And that if you don't have it, or if you have too much of it, doesn't really matter.

Where you are at is just fine. 

Okay, yes.  I say this like it is something you can just do.  As if you don't have a lifetime of stories about your mom, or your ex-boyfriend, or society, that keeps you feeling this way.  So, depending on how long you've been gunked up in this area, also may mean that it might take a little more work.  But that's okay.  Just shift and shift and shift.  And don't worry about your mom.  You have to let go of that, if you want to actually change things.

Hopefully, the last step should have shifted and opened things up a bit, and will have positively affected this next step, which is...

Take your energetic temperature.

Oh!  What?  Energetic temperature?!  Calm down.  You don't have to know Reiki or chant or anything. 

What I mean by taking your "energetic temperature" is simple.  How do you really feel about the situation?  Your emotions are the clue to the energy that you are putting out there.

So, just tune in to your body and be honest, how are you really feeling?  Are you open or are you closed?  It is as simple as that. 

Third, if you are closed:

Ask yourself if you really want to be open.  It's okay if you don't want to be open or aren't ready.  But then, just realize that you won't get what you think you want, and that's okay.  When you want it bad enough, you can open up.

Now, if you are closed and you want to be open:

You may be closed because you have a judgement that says you can't have something, do something or be something.  Well then, change your mind.  Decide what you want to believe instead, and then commit to believing that.  Look for examples that support your belief, and get on board with that.  Just make a new choice and do what you need to do to get behind it.

You may be closed because you have a fear of what you will have to deal with if you start to pursue it.  Well then, you better decide if you are willing to deal with that fear.  Because you will. Is what you want more important than the discomfort of facing fear?  If it isn't, that's okay, just again, realize that you are closed, and let it go and move on.   Truth:  dealing with the fear is always better than avoiding it.

You may be closed because you are caught up in the trap of "being responsible".  Oh lordy lord, how often do I see that in the people I work with.  Man, if I had a magic wand I would zap that away.  Soooo often people think the way they have to go about getting what they want is the way society sets out for them.  Don't sell your house - it's a good investment!  Don't quit your job - do your passion on the side!  Don't do exactly what you want to do - but find a job that is kind of like that, and be happy with it!  Bullshit.  I call bullshit.  And I will call it over and over.  Now, if this is what YOU want to do, then fine.  But if you're doing it out of fear of what could go wrong, or out of trying to be responsible, or make your parents happy, then I tell you, brother, you're going to get nowhere fast.  So, you may be closed because you think it is supposed to look a certain way, and you really don't want to do it that way.  Toss that in the garbage.  The people that say that stuff usually aren't happy or fulfilled.  The people that are happy and fulfilled will tell you to do whatever the fuck you want.

Okay.  Now you're open.  Now what?

State what you want.

"I want more clients"
"I want to earn $100,000 a year"
"I want a boyfriend"

Pay attention if you put up that closed sign when you state your want, you may need to go back and adjust your belief again.  If you think "That's not possible!" then you need to get to a place where you believe it is possible, or it isn't going to happen.  Meaning, either ask for what you think could be possible.  Or believe bigger.

Personally, I vote for believe bigger.

Take action.

When you actually step into action, then the Universe will respond.  It will say, "oh!  she's really serious this time!"  So, do something that will move you forward.  This will really ramp up the energy, and increase the potential and the amount that you will receive.  And, it helps keep you open.

An action can be as simple as talking to someone about your new idea, or buying the outfit you're going to wear on your first date, or posting on facebook that you're wanting to go out and do something Friday night.  It doesn't have to be big or dramatic.  Though I do love big and dramatic.

Okay, that's it.  Your turn.