Don't you love it when you find something you forgot about, that is just the most wonderful little treat?  Like $20 in an old pocket, or a gift card you forgot you had?  Well.  That is exactly how I felt, when scrolling through my bookmarks, I found this little gem.

"Reincarnation:  The 35 Steps of Soul Evolution"

That is so exactly what I'm about.  So, imagine my delight when I clicked on the page, and it actually lived up to my expectations. 

You need to check this out. 

Here's why:

We are all going through different stages of evolution as we reincarnate.  According to this site, we pass through 5 stages as we incarnate on earth.  And through each of these stages, we emanate a different color in accordance with our level of consciousness, going from red to blue.

By having a deeper understanding of the stage you are in, you can focus in more on what it is you are here to do, and make the most of it.  And, you might be able to cut yourself some slack as well.

But even more so, I find this quite helpful in understanding others.  If you're working with someone who is at the Baby Stage/Orange, it might make more sense why they are so rigid, and understand that they haven't fully developed empathy yet (so you can save yourself some time and stop expecting it).

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The Infant Stage

In this stage, we focus on immediate survival needs.  Shelter, life and death, learning how to control impulses.  Usually, those who are at this stage are not frequently found in mainstream society, but tend to incarnate in environments closer to nature (rural, tribal, etc).

People that are currently working through the infant stage of their evolution will have a harder time regulating themselves in regards to violence and their impulses.  If you do run across them in modern society, they may be more likely to be murderers or anti-social, as they haven't quite figured out how to fit into society.  They simply follow their whims, having little understanding of themselves, morality, or how they fit into society as a whole.   

You may find them:  In a more rural, tribal, or non-western environment.  Where the options of life are simpler and closer to focus on physical survival and the natural environment.  They may not want to be overwhelmed by the choices of modern society, or being outcast because of inability to fit in.  However, that doesn't mean that they don't show up in cities and such, only that it is more rare to find them there (and, believe it or not, those souls may be trying to get ready to evolve to the next stage - to get a feel for what it is like to be in a larger society).

They are driven by a need to: 
experience what it is to be a physical being in a physical world with other physical beings.  They want to experience all that the physical world has to offer (hence why they may be more likely to kill - because that is something only available in the physical form).  They are new to wearing skin, and want to see what THAT is all about. 

They are focused on learning:
basic life skills.  They are learning how to regular themselves and their needs, and understand what it is to be an individual.  How an individual can have positive and negative impacts on those around them, and on the environment and society.  They are learning what it is to be a part of a family. Shelter, food, what it is to have a family, how they interact with the environment, exploring needs and limitations, and interacting with others in physical form - both caring and threatening.

When they are ready to move on: when they have learned to regulate their impulses and have gained a basic understanding of morality, and the importance of being a part of society.

Color spectrum:  red

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The Baby Stage
After going through the infant stage where we are so free with our actions with no understanding of right and wrong, we then leap to the other extreme in the Baby Stage, where we become quite obsessed with structure and order, as well as safety and security.  These people are often very focused on conservative views, and tradition.  It's as if they are trying to make up for what may have gone down in the infant stage with trying to feel safer with having behavior be set to a specific code of ethics - whether this is a religious code or a legal code.  They live in a black and white world:  wrong is wrong and right is right and that is that. 

You may find them: participating in a religious order or political cause that has strict rules of moral ethics.  They want to be in a place that causes them to experience self-control and restraint.  You might find them in a life focused on law and order, religion, military, ethnic tradition, or a close-knit society.

They are driven by a need to: experience life as it relates to order, security, and a sense of belonging.  They want to draw lines and boundaries around everything - and cast people as "wrong" or "bad" if they don't conform to their personal code of beliefs.  They have a strong sense of "us" vs. "them", and believe that by focusing on living up to their code of beliefs and doing everything to help "us", that they are living a "good" life.  They will chose to experience lives on both sides - so some lives they will be the good guy, and some lives they will be the bad guy. 

The difference you may find between an infant/red soul and a baby/orange soul who may be engaging in criminal activity or violence is that the baby/orange soul will have a sense that their actions socially/morally unacceptable.

They are focused on learning:
how to balance one's personal will with the greater collective will.  They are focused on learning how to best fit into their society, what roles they play, and helping that society to succeed. 

When they are ready to move on: when they learn that sometimes rules are made to be broken.  Going through lives where everything is in black and white, when they can learn to see the gray, they are ready to move on to the next stage.  As they step from Baby to Young soul, they let go of the strong expectation to live in accordance to societies expectations, and begin to focus on pursuing their own path and dreams.

Color spectrum:  orange

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The Young Stage
Another extreme jump, the soul that reaches the young soul stage know wants to leave conformity behind, and totally focus on their own individuality.  The world is their oyster, and they are going to eat it!  They are driven to put themselves out into the world, to be heroes, to be stars, to be athletes.  They want to see what they are made of, and show it to the world. 

You may find them:  chasing success, in whatever form it may take.  Perhaps it is through financial success, athletic fame, or climbing to the top of an organization to be the CEO.  You may find them on a quest to climb all the mountains in the world, or go after that "get rich quick" scheme.  They are quite competitive, so you will often find them in areas that focus on competition (athletics, sales, business, etc).  But they can also be found as our societal "heroes".  After all, they are the ones that are driven to build things, to stand out, to do remarkable things.  They start enterprises, they achieve remarkable feats of strength or endurance, they show us what is possible. 

They are driven by a need to:  be successful, to achieve, to"win".  They are focused on
developing their own beliefs and perspectives, and going after their dreams.  In the last stage, they lived their life according to society, now they are learning how to live their life according to themselves. 

They are focused on learning:
what it is to be an individual, how to express one's self in the world.  What it is to feel empowered and confident, to really see what is special about themselves, and to pursue that.  They want to know what it feels like to be the hero of their own lives.

When they are ready to move on: when they can see that others' perspectives are also valuable, and begin to see that there is more to the world than just their own needs and desires.  When they are ready to shift from a "me first" attitude into one where they see things from another's perspective and experience.  They have mastered pursuit of desires, and now are ready to understand the interconnection between each of us.

Color spectrum:  Yellow

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The Mature Stage
On to the Mature Stage!  Having explored physicality, society, and self in the previous stages, the soul is now ready to move on to relationships - both with other people and with the self.  In this stage, the soul shifts to a perspective that encompasses others.  This is the stage where a lot of soul searching happens - where they are aware of their own ego, and are trying to rise above it, and be connected to something greater.  They tend to have quite a bit of inner conflict because of this.  And, because they can see things from multiple perspectives, they may often find themselves confused, seeing the other side of view as well as their own, and may get a bit lost in that.    

You may find them: exploring other cultures as well as the depths of the human persona.  They may be drawn to artistic expression, or psychology, or personal and spiritual development.  They want to understand the depths of the human being - not just from their limited perspective, but from a variety of perspectives.  They love learning about other cultures, and exploring the depths of their own being.  The phrase "navel gazing" quite applies to them, because as they are drawn to understanding themselves on the deepest level.  Don't confuse the self-focus between a young & mature soul - for the mature soul, the self-focus is of the pursuit to understand the higher nature of people, as opposed to just wanting to outshine everyone else.

They are driven by a need to:  understand themselves and others, and to connect deeply to other beings.  They want to get along with others, and are focused on cooperation, compassion, and equality.  Mature souls also place strong importance on authenticity, integrity, and understanding.  You will often find them exploring relationships from a variety of perspectives, because they want to full understand the relationship between people and the relationship to self.  They have a strong desire for a positive, loving, mature relationship.   

They are focused on learning:
the interconnectedness of human beings, and the depths of the nature of Self.  Empathy is a core value that they are learning and experiencing.  They work to understand anothers' perspective, as they see all perspectives as valid, and have a greater understanding of what may motivate different behaviors.  As mentioned, this can cause a bit of confusion, when there is a conflict between what they know and what the other sees. As a result, the Mature Soul will often look towards their own faults, and can be quite self-critical.  The opportunity is to move beyond blaming themselves to discover the Higher Truths.

When they are ready to move on: when they learn to calm the inner turmoil of their emotional complexity, and find themselves able to accept all perspectives and paths as valuable.  The mature soul often finds themselves in a state of confusion and complexity, about themselves and others.  When they find their way out of the confusion, and are ready to simply accept life and people as they are, and live life as it is, they will be ready to step into the Old Soul stage.

Color spectrum:  green

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The Old Stage
Finally, we reach the Old Soul stage.  (Side note - I believe many people who consider themselves or others as "old souls" may actually be "mature souls" - the deciding factor to me is whether they experience a lot of inner conflict).  You can tell an old soul as they exude a depth and calmness about them, and may speak slowly and live in a state of joy and wonder about life and the world.  They've moved beyond the inner turmoil and conflict of the Mature Soul stage to find themselves in love with their personal freedom as well as the wonders of being a part of the world around them.

You may find them: Living life simply (as they have little attachment to material things), or pursuing whatever their passions are to fully express themselves.  They are not motivated to show off, as in the Young Soul stage, and are uninterested in fame (as they have learned through that), but are just wanting to experience the joys that they are drawn to.  You may find them imparting their spiritual wisdom to others, sharing all that they have gained through their stages, to help others find peace, joy, and acceptance in life.   

They are driven by a need to:  experience self-fulfillment, joy, and true self-expression.  They tend to be a bit more detached, letting others be who they are, and accepting that everything has its place.   

They are focused on learning:
balance and completion.  They are wanting to reconnect to all that is, and completing the learning of what it is to be in an individualistic experience. 
They are learning to come to a holistic sense of experience of life - being able to understand the complexities of the world and human nature, and having a calm acceptance of it all.  Where they see each piece as having its own purpose and beauty. 

When they are ready to move on: when they have come to full self-actualization and self-expression, and are ready to reunite with the greater consciousness. 

Color spectrum:  blue

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As if ALL OF THAT wasn't enough!  Through each stage we go through 7 levels as we work through those stages. 

Here's the down-low on that, taken directly from

The first step or level of any stage is like putting a toe in the water; the final step is like teaching others how to swim:

1st Level Initiation into the new stage. Toe in the water. First glimpses of the new consciousness.
2nd Level Building foundations. Wading in and out. Compare and contrast the old and new consciousness.
3rd Level Taking the plunge. Letting go of the prior stage. Actively exploring the new consciousness.
4th Level Relaxing into it, enjoying the water. Identification with this stage. Internal integration of the new consciousness.
5th Level Splashing about. “Look at me!” Going public with it. Expressing this level of consciousness.
6th Level Responsible swimming. Burning off any karma incurred. Harmonisation one’s consciousness with others.
7th Level Mastery of consciousness at this level. Role model. Peak performance. What’s next?

This sequence of seven steps is repeated through each stage, making 35 steps in all from the beginning of reincarnation to the end.

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How old is your soul? I'm curious!  Let me know in the comments below.  I'm guessing that many of you are greens/mature souls.  So let me know if I'm right!