An idea struck me the other night.  We all know about Bucket Lists, things to do before you die.  They are great, helping to assure that on your death bed you won't sit back and think "what if"...

But the thought came to me: what would I be happy to look back on in life if I died right now?  Perhaps, by examining these life events, they could spur us forward to more wonderful adventures.  Perhaps they could show us the power that we each have to make magic in our lives. 

Hence, the Basket List.  Experiences that you've already put in your basket, that you're damn proud of.  And, to turn it up a notch, what are the gifts, the lessons that you learned in each pursuit.  You've collected a lot of amazing experiences and lessons in your life, and put them in your basket.  Why not celebrate them?

So, here's my top 10...

1)   Lived in Ireland for 6 months, working at a peace and reconciliation center with volunteers from all over the world.    Best time of my life.
Learned: That money is not an excuse to not do something, and that there really are no excuses.  Just pursue it, the Universe will conspire with you to make it happen.

2)  Went to Peru, by myself, for two months, and studed at a Shamanic retreat center for one of those months, learning all about native Peruvian spirituality.
Learned: Who I have the potential to be, if I am able to shed my negative thoughts and judgements and ego.  I was able to experience what it felt like to be in pure soul that was calm, accepting, and loving to everyone.  Now the work is to get back to that place.

Graduated from college.  That took FOREVER.  But I did it, one class at a time.
Learned:  Patience & persistence.  Keep going, keep going, keep going, you'll get there.

4) Quit a secure job to pursue my calling and begin my own business, leaping into the void.
Learned:  To trust myself, and trust the Universe, that listening to my truth is the correct path, and that things are never as scary as we make them out to be.  And that freedom and joy are possible.

5) Pursued acting.  Yes, even though it didn't last forever, I'm really proud that I went after it, and believed in myself enough to go after and get accepted to a big acting school all the way across the country.
Learned:  That you must do things for yourself, and not to please others.  I tried so hard to show what I was learning, or show that I was good enough, instead of just simply enjoying and absorbing the knowledge and experience for my own benefit.  Everything goes so much better when you stop trying to impress everyone else.

6)  Saw the Dalai Lama speak
Learned:  Just because your wise, doesn't mean you can't be funny. 
And it doesn't hurt to sound like Yoda.

7)  Went ziplining through Mexico with my 70 year old father
Learned:  Adventure has no age.

8)  Cruised the Mediterranean with my mother, seeing Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.  A. Maz. Ing. 
Learned:  You can't put a price on quality time with your loved ones, the lifelong memories will be there forever, the money comes and goes.

  Learned Spanish to the level that I could get around Peru on my own.
Learned:  By speaking in the tongue of the country you are in, you turn yourself from a tourist to a friend.

10)  Living life on my terms, setting my own schedule, following my intuition on what to focus on, following my passions instead of my shoulds.
Learned:  Well, still learning.  To trust that everything is going to be okay.  To trust that my inner guidance system will get me there.  That living in a state of stress is not useful, and living in a state of alignment with myself is gloriously delicious.

Now.  What is on YOUR Basket List??!!  What did you do that would have been on a bucket list, had you not done it?