Want to know what your Life Purpose is?  Did you realize you actually have three?

Yep.  Three.

You're a really busy little bee, working away trying to do all these things you are here to do.  You're trying so hard, but sometimes things get a bit foggy and confused, as we get lost in our world of Shoulds.

So.  Let's have a little reminder of what you are really here to do, shall we?

Your Three Life Missions

Life Mission #1: to Learn.  You are here to learn specific life lessons.  True.  There is something that you keep chewing away at (and perhaps, several somethings), because you just really want to fully understand a particular concept.  You know.  Like Love.  Or Trust.  Or Power. 

Some part of you really wants to get it.  You want to really understand this concept from a human perspective, so you put it on.  You want to see how it fits when it is too big, too small, and just right - you little Goldilocks.

So, sometimes you are learning about Love through what love is not.  Or what it is like to not have it.  Or what it is like to have too much of it.  Or what it is like to belly flop yourself into love in a mixture of pain and bliss and who knows what all.

Or, perhaps you're one of those souls out there learning all about Power.  You play the victim.  You play the hero.  You lead when people want you to, or you lead when they don't.  You find out how great it is to have everyone looking to you to run the ship, or how costly it is.

Whatever.  There is some lesson that you are swimming in, and finding out all of its qualities, aspects, and flavors.  Or perhaps learning just one flavor, but learning it really well.

Want to know what you are Learning?  Just look to those areas (love, power, money, etc) that seem to cause you the most challenge.  There you go.

Life Mission #2: to Heal.  The next thing we are working on is shaking these negative beliefs that we brought into life with us, or picked up along the way.  About ourselves, or others, or life.  Whatever.  These are the mucky gunky beliefs that we don't really want to believe, but we get stuck in.

You know these beliefs.  They're the ones that whisper "I'm not good enough".  Or "If I love someone they will leave me".  They shout in your mind "I can't trust, I'll be betrayed!".  They grab hold of your heart and tell you that "Life has to be a struggle".  Or they wrap their tentacles around your dreams and declare "Making money has to be painful".

We don't want to believe them.  And yet, there they are, driving the ship of our life.  Driving us away from what we truly desire.

So.  One mission you have is to evict these little buggers, and live your life the way you really want to live it.  To turn your life into your own personal Disneyland, where dreams really do come true. 

Want to know what you are Healing?  Listen to those mean thoughts in your head, or take a peek at what feeling is taking over when you get derailed from something that you want.  When you fall off that workout routine, or don't go after that girl you like, or don't create what it is you want to create.  Look at what you are feeling & thinking when you are holding yourself back, and there the dragon will be found.

Life Mission #3: to
Give.  No, I don't mean charity.  And really, this mission may be the most selfish mission of all.  Because it is through Giving that we really get our groove on.  This is where all that delicious joy comes in.

Translated:  the mission to Give is also known as Your Calling.  Because our Calling is to give our gifts to the world.  It is to take what makes us so happy and special and bright, and shine that out in the world.  It is by being truly ourselves that we can give the most to humanity. So.  Take that!

Our gifts can take many shapes.  They can be in the form of your job, or your business, or your relationships.  Sure, it could be to be a teacher or a healer or an artist.  But it could also be to just hold your child's hand at the end of the day and tell her how amazing she is.  Or to be that stranger who looks at another person and really sees them.  You know, sees them in that deep amazing way, and makes that person feel seen for the first time in their life, when they're feeling lost and invisible.  And then you simply smile, and wish them a good day.  And their life is just a bit brighter, and their load is just a bit lighter.

I remember a man I used to know, whose Calling was to be a house painter.  Now, that seemed odd to me at the time, for that to be a Calling - I thought Callings were all about big things like Doctors or Actors or Presidents.  But as I got to know him, I watched how much he loved his work, how he loved interacting with people and creating beautiful change in their life in simple ways.  I learned from him how there is a right fit for everyone, and that every job can be one of beauty and grace, if your heart is in it.

Is your heart in what you do?

Want to know what you are Giving?  What is it that makes you feel somehow more than just your normal everyday self, but has you feeling connected to something bigger?  What gives you joy, what lights you up when you talk about it?  That is always the HUGE huge huge clue when I work with my clients, because when we get talking about what it is they are here to do, they just light up - their whole disposition changes. 

Give the world your joy.  It's the best gift there is.

So.  Now.  Tell me, what are you here to Heal, Learn, and Give?