Oh Clutter, you sly devil you.  You really like throwing a party don't you?

It's true.  A little bit of clutter gets lonely, and starts inviting friends over.  And before you know it, you've got a clutter party on your hands, and you begin to wonder if you should call the cops in to break things up.  But! If you begin kicking some people out of the party, amazingly, the rest will follow.  After all, who wants to stay at a party when everyone is leaving?

In my apartment building, my door opens up to a landing shared with three other apartments.  A vestibule, if you will; a little shared room.  Which I carelessly polluted with one piece of clutter.  And that one piece of clutter decided to throw a party right under my nose.

It started this way.  I belonged to a organic food delivery service that drops their plastic bins at your door, full of tasty little treats from neighboring farms.  Then, at some point last year, I decided to go on hiatus with my delivery, and return to the wonders of the grocery store.  But I still had my bin (well, two to be exact).  My big plastic gray bins.  And I did not want them sitting around my apartment.  So, I left them outside my door, awaiting the far off day when I would call to have them returned.  Which I never quite got around to.

Months went by.  The bins languished, lonely.  And then one day, I walked out of my apartment door, and saw my neighbor had put a giant pot full of dirt outside his door, that once housed a plant, now dead. 

My bins had found a friend.

I realized this was my fault.  I left those bins out there for so long, they really needed some company, so they called some fellow clutter to join them.  I shrugged, and thought "Well, there you have it.  Clutter is sticky."  And I continued on my day.

Time went by again.  Friends came to visit.  One decided that a plant that had died in my apartment and was attracting bugs needed to be escorted out.  And so he placed it on my bins, outside my door.

So there they were, my two bins, and two dead plants, having a little tea party.

And then things got wild. 

Not even a week later, a chair, A CHAIR decided to join the party.  A full on office chair with wheels.  In our little vestibule.

And I knew, things were now Out Of Control.  What would happen next?  If a chair was now lingering with the rest of the clutter, Bad Things were sure to follow.  It was time to make a move.

I grabbed my dead plant, and quickly made off with it, sending it away with the trash.  Kicked out.  Trying to stop these hooligans of clutter before it was Too Late.

A day or two later, I went out, and saw that my neighbors large pot was also gone.  Yes!  Clutter follows clutter...  Perhaps the two dead plants had fallen in love, and couldn't bear to be apart.

That left my bins, the host of the party, and The Chair.  I knew it was up to me.  I needed to make my move.

I called up the food delivery service, and yesterday they came and whisked my old bins away (leaving in their place, I might add, a new bin full of delicious treats that I promptly pulled in to my abode, leaving no trace behind).

Leaving only The Chair.

This morning, as I opened the door, I peered out to see what awaited me.

The Chair was gone.  I guess it decided that the party was over, and he didn't want to be the loser at the end of the night crashed out on the couch.

Something to think about, then, as you look at the clutter party that is going on in your home.  If you can just get some of the guests to leave, it is amazing how quickly the others follow....