Its come around to a year since I've been coaching people to create a delicious life; helping them remove the blocks that have been holding them back.  I'll be honest here, it is quite fun and amazing to be a coach - you get to watch the a ha moments, the tears as they release old baggage, and begin to see a new life unfold.  It is quite the treat for me. 

In fact, it's been pretty damn interesting, because one trend keeps coming up in my clients.  Over and over again, I see clients who have a strong need for empowerment, whether they realize it or not.  Yeah, they think they're showing up at my door wanting work-life balance, or to figure out how they should handle their current job situation, or struggling with their current relationship.  But whether through our conversations, or through the energy healings/assessments, the true issue to be dealt with shows up.

Over and over, it keeps coming back to stepping into their personal power - their secret Wonder Woman inside.  (C'mon, don't we all miss our Wonder Woman Underoos?)

Woah.  You would not believe what gets unleashed as we do our work.  I now know I need to put a warning on my website - because within the first two months of coaching, their life shifts dramatically.  They dump their boyfriends.  They quit their jobs.  They jump out into the crazy abyss of life. 

They finally admit that the life that they have been living is not what they really wanted.  But they've just been putting up with it.  Because [insert excuse here].

But now.  Now.  They are finally living their life on Their Terms.  And they realize that it is pretty f'ing amazing.  Of course, there are still challenges.  And difficulties.  And the fear still hangs out a bit.  But don't you worry, they will work through that.  It never is as bad as you think it is going to be.

They have stepped into themselves, their lives.  And are ready to begin their life, not the life they are supposed to live, or the life they think they should live, or doing things that they are good at because they can.  No.  Now they are ready for a kickass life.  And they aren't settling for anything less.

So.  Let's take a look at YOU, shall we my dear?  Look at your life.  Are you living it the way you want to live it?  Or are you drowning in responsibilities?  And chaotic work or home relationships?  Or just a sense that things aren't exactly how you want them?

Here's the truth.  You have unlimited power within you.  Everything you could ever want, you absolutely have the power to have in your life.  Whatever or whoever you think is holding you back is merely an externalization of something going on within you.

Money issues?  Yep, that's bullshit.  No, no, I totally get it, I've lived that story.  But money is merely symbolic representation of your power.  If you have money issues, ask yourself - do you feel solid in yourself that you ask for what you are worth?  Whether from your clients, or your boss, so often, we end up just taking what we can get, thinking there is not enough to go around, and that we will bump up against their money issues.

Step forward, and feel powerful within yourself, and decide that you will earn what you are worth.  Yes, things may drop away (jobs, clients, whatever).  FANTASTIC.  This means they are clearing away for more room for the people that are really going to pay you the big bucks.

But first.  You have to KNOW that you are worth it.

You are

And then, just take a step forward in the direction.  You don't have to worry about making everything happen, but you do have to show the Universe that you are serious about what you want.  The Universe always appreciates a bit of collateral.  After that, you just have to trust that the rest will follow.  Be open.  Receive.  And just hold a state of gratitude for everything that is on its way.

That's the big secret darling. 
Feel powerful.  Be clear & ask for what you want (and DON'T COMPROMISE because you think you can only have less than what you want - remember you are Wonder Woman, you can have it all).  Take one bold action.  Trust that what you want is on its way.  And be in a state of gratitude.  That's it.

If you'd like some help fast tracking this process - just let me know.  I can help shift all this stuff quickly through coaching or through energy work.  Or, you can just hold on to your seat, because I'll be cooking up some great shit this next year, that will help you unlock everything that you need to live your kickass life.