Hey! (waves arms frantically) HEY!!  Can you hear me??!!

Sorry.  It kinda looked like you were wrapped up in your thoughts again.  That happens, huh?  You get so wrapped up in your thoughts that you don't even see everything that is happening around you.

What are you thinking about that is so important?  Are you solving the earth's greatest problems?  Coming to deep personal revelations?

Well, maybe sometimes.  But most of the time I'm guessing that you are just thinking, again, about how upset you are at what so-and-so did or didn't do.  Or worried about if you will have money or success in the future, find your calling, find your love, find happiness, find WHATEVER.  Or perhaps you are reminding yourself AGAIN of something that needs to get done.  Or didn't get done.  Or wondering if you did it.  Or maybe, just maybe, you were thinking about how you just don't measure up.  You're too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too lazy, to busy, too poor, too ugly.  You didn't do that right, you're afraid you won't do that right, wondering if someone thought you did it good enough, or if they are upset that you didn't do it good enough, or how you should have done it better...

Yeah, thought so.

How is all that working out for you?  Is it bringing you greater happiness?  More peace in your life?  Fulfilling your wildest dreams?  Is all that mind chatter making everything better?  Or is it just distracting you from drinking the juiciness  of your life that already exists?

Yes, my dear, there is SO MUCH deliciousness in your life RIGHT NOW.  Right now, your life is absolutely beautiful and perfect.  And if your thoughts weren't pushing you around and making you feel badly about yourself, you might get to chew on that deliciousness.

STOP.  Stop, right this moment.  Look around you.  Take in your surroundings.  See the life that is unfolding around you.  The funny things that are happening, the way the leaves are dancing in the breeze, how the rain is glistening, how peaceful your home is, how full of life your home is.  Feel the space around you, imagine that this is the first time you've ever been here.  What if this moment was brand new?  What do you notice?  What do you feel?  Feel this moment, let it seep into you.

This moment, right now, is the only thing that is real.

In this moment, are you in crisis?  I mean, in THIS MOMENT, not in this general time of your life.  But RIGHT NOW.  Right now, in this minute, does the dollar amount in your wallet actually mean anything?  Is it causing you problems right now - not in your thoughts or stress, but in this exact moment.  Are you starving to death or in severe pain?  Right now, is the weight around your belly, or your job, or your lack of direction, or lack of relationships, or lack of WHATEVER, causing some catastrophic event to occur?


Because right now, everything is just fine.  And if it isn't just fine, then I imagine that there might be an action you can take.  Even if that action is just waiting for the next moment, because eventually a moment will come to sweep you away from any present intense discomfort.  Everything passes.

But I'm guessing, if you are finding yourself in a moment where you are reading this, then things just might be okay.

Take it in.  Take in the okayness of this moment.  Everything, right now, is okay.  Who knows what it will be tomorrow, and who cares what it was yesterday.  But right now, everything is okay.

And aren't you lucky, because Right Now is the most important moment in your life.  Eventually the future will be Right Now, and then it will be the most important moment.  And when it is important, then you can do something about it.

There is no thought more important than the moment you are actually living in.

Take a sip on that.  And enjoy.