I've been pretty quiet around here lately, haven't I?  I mean, HELLO, it has been a month since my last post.  Apologies about that. 

But boy, what a month it has been.  The Universe kept on slapping me across the face, trying to get me to wake up about something.  As I lay there on the couch with the never-ending flu, after going through weeks of sickness, extreme stress & disrespectful people, or depression (each one got their own week, oh boy! - and the disrespectful people had 2!), I thought to myself, "I have GOT to figure out what exactly I'm supposed to learn from all of this.  Otherwise, this is just going to get worse.  And this is bad enough, I don't want to know what would be next."

Because, as you know, I believe that everything that happens in our lives is of our own creation.  We create things in our life because we have something to learn.  Sometimes the situation is there to help test us, or to help us learn, or just to help us wake up and become aware.

Well, whatever it was, I was going through a real DOOZY of a lesson.  And I wanted to get it and get on.

So.  I threw one of my favorite life coaching questions in my own face.

"If your higher self created all of this to help you learn something, what would it be that you wanted yourself to learn?"

Ah, a taste of my own medicine.

I searched around for the answer, and what I came up was that I think I wanted myself to learn how to be happy & empowered in life.

You see, I haven't been happy.  Joyful.  Excited about life.  Instead I've been stressed.  Worried.  Afraid of failure or disappointment or making the wrong choice.  I know a lot of you out there relate to that, so I'm not afraid to say it.

But my life is great.  I've got my life set up in a way that there isn't anything that needs to change (which is where we often focus first).  I did think briefly that I should move to California for more sun.  But then realized if I can't make THIS great life work, then it doesn't really matter where I go.

I had to admit the problem was within me.  The problem was where I was vibrating at.

Oh yes, let's go back to those vibrations!  For those of you new to that concept, the simple answer is that our energy vibrates on a frequency range.   (You can learn more about this in my video post "Episode 2: You're a Real Vibrator" or see a great graphic of the frequency range in my post "Dealing with 'Negative' People")

The lower vibrational states are in alignment with lower emotional states and usually not being able to bring good things in your life.  So you feel down about yourself and you're in debt and you're overweight and you're lonely and you're always sick and nothing seems to go right. 

The other end of that spectrum you feel great, hopeful, optimistic.  You can do anything.  Things flow in and out of your life easily, and you are in acceptance and joyful and abundant in all ways.

You see, I believe that the secret to everything you want in life is to shift your vibration. 

We focus so much on all the things we need to do.  We plan our exercise routines, our financial savings plans, where we'll be in three years.  And we struggle, and push, and stress, and doubt ourselves.  And think that the reason that life isn't happening the way we want it to happen is because we just aren't doing the right things.  And we aren't doing the right things because somehow we are bad/flawed/lazy/not good enough.

And that just simply isn't true. 

Every single one of us is perfect and good enough and can make whatever we want happen.  We're just going about it the wrong way.

We are trying way too hard.

I believe (and I believe this because I've experienced it first hand) that all we need to do is to shift our vibration so that we are in alignment with what it is we want.  And to put that even more simply:  we have to vibrate on a higher frequency.

So, if you want to make more money in life, and you're currently in a negative feeling place about money, you just have to shift your energy so that you are in a positive feeling place about money.  And then all the behaviors that you need to do will flow from that.  You do not need to create a plan, a structure, a system of rewards and punishments. 

All you need to do is get in a good feeling place about it, and make a choice about what you want, and then you'll just be easily drawn to the next steps.

Well.  I wasn't there.

And I was frustrated.  Because I was totally aware.  And knew something needed to change so that I could be happy and joyful.  But I just couldn't figure it out.  Did I need to eat better?  Did I need to hang out with specific people?  Did I need sun, music, creative activity?  What did I need to DO to shift my vibration???

Then one night, it came to me in a dream.  And this is the formula that I discovered:

1.  You need to believe.
You need to believe that what you want is possible. 

Start simply.  Perhaps you need to just focus on believing that you can feel better.  Or, perhaps you need to start even further back with believing that it is possible for someone in general to feel better.  That feeling better is a possibility.  And then bring it to you.

So, for instance, let's say you want to believe that you can pay off all your debt.  But while you may think it is possible, you don't believe it in your heart.  And you're really resistant. 

The chain you may go up could look like this:
-I believe it is possible to feel good about money.
--I believe it is possible that I could feel good about money.
---I believe it is possible for people to pay off all their debt.
----I believe it is possible that I could pay off all my debt.

And let me emphasize:  this is not about knowing in your brain this is a logical possibility.  This is about feeling in your heart that this is possible.  It is the feeling that is important.  Because the feeling is the indicator of where you are at vibrationally.

2.  You need to choose.
Now that you've tapped in to possibility, you have to choose it.  Because in making a choice, you are putting your will into it.  Your intention.  Your power.  You're making it clear that, yes, I do indeed want it.  So, let's make it happen.

Once again, make sure you are making the choice from your place of power, not just in your brain.  You need to feel that firm, "YES.  I want that."  Because if you don't really commit to making the choice, and are wishy-washy, that's what you're going to get back.

This is where you tap into that powerful self.  THIS is where the magic change can begin from.  First you need to believe, then you need to choose.  And then the actions will just flow.

3.  Step Into Inspired Action.
Now, with your belief and choice in hand, you will begin to be inspired to take action.  Don't lock yourself up in shackles of "shoulds".  But notice that you feel a little more inspired to go work out.  Or to sell that computer that you've been sitting on.  Or it may even be that you're more inspired to just rest.  Trust that.  Your higher self and the Universe can help you along the path to what it is you desire.  Once you've been clear about what you want, all you need to do is just trust and follow.

So.  Back to me.

After a month of feeling blah and stressed and low energy, I stood there and applied these steps to myself. 

First, I believed it was possible for someone to lift their vibration upwards.

Second, I believed it was possible for me to lift my vibration upwards.

Third, I made the solid choice that I was going to lift my vibration upwards.

That alone caused my life to begin to shift. 

That day I began to feel better.  The next, I felt even better. 

And inspired action began to show up. 

I reached out to those people that I feel good about being around.  I let myself have a joyful day off.  I noticed that I really wanted to begin to set aside sacred time for meditation & prayer on a nightly basis.  I bought skin care that made me feel good about myself.  And, I move forward, and out of the dark tunnel that I've been journeying through the past month. 

And I'm back.

So.  I wanted to share this with you, so that you could come back too.