Today was a sad day and a happy day, as I said goodbye to my dear friend Evalynn.  I wish you knew Evalynn, because she is just about the smiliest light of a person that you will ever meet.  Seriously, if you met her, you'd want to just eat her up.  In a non-carnivorous way, of course.  I hope.

You see, I had to say goodbye to Evalynn, because she is off to Cambodia with the Peace Corps, to bring good health to those lovely people.  She is finally heeding that poking voice inside of her, and is stepping in to the next stage of her Life's Plan. 

Which made me wonder, are you following the next step of your Life Plan?  Or having you been sticking your fingers in your ears, continuing to plug away at whatever and let things slide by?

Before we come down into our bodies and step into our lives, we map out how we'd like our life to go.  We have all of these big ideas that we want to accomplish, things we want to learn, and stuff we want to do.

But then we drop into our bodies.

And let me tell you, living here in the physical world is a bit of a challenge.  I mean, really, it can kinda suck.  Like I need to tell you that.

As we go through our lives, we get caught up in these storms of self-doubt and fear and should's and money issues and, well, life.  And all those great plans that we made get pushed aside.

And why do they get pushed aside?  Because we really, really want them.  So of course, that means we can't have them.

Because when we want something so fully, so deeply, we get thrown up against our wall of not being enough.  Of not being able to really get what we desire.  Because we want it so much, it must be it must not really be possible.

Oh, but it is possible.  It is even more possible, because that desire within you, that desire is exactly the clue that it is what you are supposed to be doing with your life.

So you start to think, maybe.  Maybe I can have that.

But then fear comes along and slaps you across the face.  She's a real bitch, that fear.

So, you put your head down, and plug away at a job you don't like.  Because after all it is secure.  You get stock options or benefits or just simply paid.  Paid is good.  We all like paid.

But then!  But then, when you ignore that voice, that plan you've made for your life, when you succumb to fear, but then what happens? 

Well.  Then things get louder.

And trust me, you don't want louder.

Because louder means health problems.  Louder means beginning to really hate your job your boss your coworkers your family your life.  Louder means you get put on probation.  Louder means you get fired.  Or your house gets broken into.  Or your boyfriend dumps you. 

Louder gets your attention.

And that is why louder works.  And that is why louder happens.  Because at some point you have to wake up and say,  Hey, Wait, I think I'm supposed to be doing something different.  Because this just sucks too much.

Do you really want to wait until it sucks too much?  Until the brick wall crashes down upon you?


So.  Then.  Let's stop with plugging our ears, and lets start to listen. 

Here's a few ideas on how to listen to your Life Plan:

  1. Write down all of the dreams that you have wiggling around inside of you (at least 10, aim for 20-30).  Empty yourself out, write down everything.  Even the crazy ones, like being an astronaut that discovers an invisible planet.  I mean, why not?  And remember, these don't have to be careers (though perhaps many will be), but make sure to include those longings (like living on a tropical island, being famous, writing a book).
  2. Star the ones that are possible and you think that are also realistic, that you think you could do without any problems.  
  3. Now.  Cross those out. Because the stuff that you really want should scare you.  That's one of the clues that it is the right direction - because you really want it, because it is really important to you, there are higher stakes if it doesn't work out.
  4. Look at the ones that are left.  The ones that scare you, the ones that people would think you were crazy for wanting to do, or even crazy for thinking that you even could do it.  The ones that make you feel a little choked up in your heart.  Those are your gold.
  5. Of your gold list, I'm willing to be there is one that, if you were to be honest with yourself and put aside all of your reasons why not, there is one thing that you truly, deeply yearn to do.  That you really really want.
  6. Do it.
  7. Yes.  Do it.  Start making space for it in your life.  Start thinking about what would need to happen if you actually decided to pursue this.  Start playing around with it in your head.  And then, start laying down the tracks to make it happen.

I'm not saying it will be easy - it won't be.  You'll face fear and doubt and obstacles. 

The fear and doubt and obstacles are exactly why you should go forward.  Because by stepping into that fire, you will transform, and take gigantic leaps on your spiritual evolutioin.  You will face your fears and live through them, and begin to become the person that you knew you were all along.

You become alive.  Start living.

And to my dear friend Evalynn:  Never forget, you are a true light in the world, and we all know how lucky we are to have a bit of you shining on us.  Now, go rock the world.  I'm really gonna miss you, kid.