Yesterday, on my way in to my old job, I passed by a church that always has some clever or insightful saying on their billboard.  I'll be honest, I always like checking out the sign, seeing what it has to say, because secretly I think it is a message from the Universe just for me.  But this time, I think it was for you, too.

"It is not important what you do.  It is important what you do next."

Indeed.  Thank you Universe.

Did you get that?  It's perfect. 

So often we get stuck in our own muck, and aren't sure how to move forward.  This has happened to me more than a time or two, I will admit.  I get in this place of uncertainty, not sure what to do.  I want to make sure I go down the RIGHT road, the perfect road.  The one that is My Calling (tm).  So I wait.  And I sit.  And I think.  And I sit.

And I grow more and more frustrated because I'm not getting anywhere.

My advice:  Don't take the right road.  Just take A road.

Just take the next step.

As you take a step forward, you will be moving.  And as you move forward, things will begin to become clearer.  And the path that you are on will snake its way around to meet with another path.  Your true path.

But you aren't going to find the right path just sitting there.

Get moving.

Ideally, this step, whether wrong or right, will be guided on a personal wish/desire/excitement, and not on a "should" or a "have to".  I think those steps will still get you there, but honestly, the road might be a bit longer to get you on your right path.  Because should's take you in the opposite direction, and it takes some time to circle around again.  But I will tell you the gift of the "should" path:  it will make it very clear on what you don't want to do.

The other nice thing about just focusing on the next step, is that you don't have to worry where the path is going.  I tend to do that, try to know everything that is going to happen between here and my destination, and want to plan out every detail in between.  But there is a lot of deliciousness in the mystery. 

So, I've begun listening to my intuition and my guides, to let me know what the next step is.  And I have to constantly let go of trying to project what that means as to my direction, where I'm going to end up.  And just trust.  Because the destination may be even more amazing than I ever thought possible.  That's what Oprah says.  Word.