We all have our little ways of avoiding life. 

And by avoiding life, I really mean, avoiding ourselves. 

Because isn't it truly the BS in our own heads that we are trying to escape from?  That voice that says "I'm not good enough", that feeling that says "I don't have what it takes", that suspicion that you'll never succeed at whatever it is you truly desire.  You just want to escape that sense that you aren't really happy about who you are, what you look like, or where you are in your life, and its all your fault and you will never be able to be thin/rich/popular/successful/loved/WHATEVER.

So we hide. 

We bury ourselves in our computer, in our television, in our food, alcohol, shopping, gambling, drugs.  We bury ourselves in the feeling that allows us to be numb for just a little while longer.  To just not feel that sense of our own inadequacies for a few hours or minutes.  We feed off of the little thrill, the dose of dopamine coursing through our system with the rush of our "drug" of choice.

But the truth is, our addictions and behaviors are keeping us stuck in those horrible feelings.  They are actually prolonging the feeling and making it worse.  Because if we faced it, we could move beyond it.  But while we avoid it, it simply grows bigger, like some monster in a Sci-Fi movie.

If we could only put down our drink/chocolate bar/cigarette/credit card, we would be left staring our demons in the face.  And it would be uncomfortable.

And then.

And then we would take a step forward.  We would take a step into the darkness, and by stepping into it, we would be able to step through it.

The only way to truly escape from our inner demon is to go right into it. 

Stop prolonging the pain.

What can you do today to stop escaping, and to start running into the truth? 

Today, I put a blocker on my website to keep me from my drug of choice: television.  I'm scared, because I am left feeling exposed, and vulnerable.  As if I'm floating in some vast dark space, or like I have some gaping wound that is exposed to the harmful germ-ridden air. 

But I know what I will find.  I know what we will all find.  I know that once we walk through the fire, we will find that we are completely capable and things are not so hard or horrible as we made them out to be.  And that the voice is, just like the Wizard of Oz, so much less powerful than we thought


Let's surrender. 

Move forward. 

And step into the successful being that each of us is destined to be, that being that we already are.  If we would just stop hiding long enough to look and see that all along, all we were really hiding from was our own magnificent power.