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Posted by Jillian Harrington on Saturday, August 27, 2011 Under: calling

I have taken many leaps in my life.  I’ve quit my job and moved to Ireland for seven months.  I’ve quit my job and taken off to Peru to study with Amazonian Shamans.  I’ve quit my job to jump into the void and start my own business.  Hm. I’m sure you see a common theme there.

But the theme that underlies all of this is what many of my friends comment on: that I actually DO the stuff that I talk about.  And do you know why I end up doing it?

I get tired of hearing myself talk about it.

It’s true.  I talk about wanting something so much, I get sick of hearing about it.  So I do it. 

Of course it was scary.  You should have seen me the morning that I took off for Peru- I was PETRIFIED.  If I hadn’t already had bought the plane ticket and had everything set up, I totally would have bailed.  But I didn’t.  And I’m glad I didn’t, even though it was a difficult experience, it was completely worth it.

I’ve recently begun applying this to the smaller things in my life, the ones that produce the little anxieties that are easy to turn away from and say never mind.  The things that just make you uncomfortable.  You know you want to do it, but it is scary.

SECRET:  The scary things are where all the treasures in life are to be found. 

The easy stuff is what you have to watch out for.  It’s easy to play it safe.  But I think you’ve already discovered that safe doesn’t get you anywhere that you really want to be.

Where you want to be requires you to walk through the fire, through the gate of fear.

As you approach that gate, I know that little voice that pops up in your head.  The voice that starts giving you all sorts of excuses and reasons not to go through.  It even tries to tell you that you really don’t want to go through that door. 

The reality is just that you don’t want to feel the discomfort of fear.

The fear is uncomfortable.  It’s scary (well duh, it’s FEAR).  But it is also the neon sign that lets you know where you actually SHOULD be going to get what you want in life.  It is the very fact that you want it that makes it scary.  Truth: wanting something is scary.

Of course, I’m not talking about jumping-off-of-a-bridge kind of fear.  I’m talking about the directional fear, the fear that goes along with trying something new, or taking a risk.  It’s the risk of getting your heart broken, or rejected, or of failing, or being told no.

It is also the risk of realizing how amazing you are, how people really enjoy you and what you have to offer, the risk of realizing all the deliciousness and possibility in life.  It is in that discomfort that the juicy moments in life are to be found. 

The experience may not go as you planned, but you will grow, and learn, and be surprised.  And I promise you, you won’t regret it.  And you may just find the secret joy that you have been looking for all these years.

So just shut up and do it.

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