Um.  Or not exactly.

But do go to your underwear.  At least in your head.  Go ahead, take a peak inside.  Pull out your underwear and take a gander.

What would you think if someone opened up your underwear drawer and started riffling through it?  I mean, aside from them being creepy for doing that.  But would you be proud?  Or a bit embarrased?  Or Mortified?

Your clothes are symbolic of how you portray yourself to the world.  Your clothes are how you define yourself, and how you ask others to define you.  They capture your identity, and represent your personality and how you feel about yourself to everyone around you.  Your clothes are the biggest billboard about you that there is.

Now, under those clothes are your intimates.  If your outer clothes represent your identity to the world, then your underwear represents your intimate identity.  Think about that word, Intimate.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word intimate means "belonging to or characterizing one's deepest nature".  So, your underwear represents how you are defining your deepest nature.

Go back to your underwear drawer.  Is this really how you want to characterize your deepest self?  Are you not investing in your underwear, in the same way that you are not investing in yourself?  Does your underwear make you feel uncomfortable, or unattractive, or full of holes?  Is that perhaps how you feel about yourself?

And do you buy your own underwear?  Or do you allow someone else to define this part of you?  Your mother, your wife, your husband?  It is one thing to accept gifts, but another if you are not taking on the power to define this part of yourself for your self. 

How do you really want to feel?  Do you want to feel that your most intimate identity is worth a new pair of panties?  A bra that enhances your beautiful shape, boxers that make you feel stylish?  How do you want to feel about your inner self?  Do you want to feel worn out, stained, stretched out, and ugly?  Or do you want to feel stylish?  Supported?  Sexy?

Perhaps it is time to stop buying underwear that is cheap but functional, and start buying underwear that make you feel the way you want to feel about your deepest nature.  You will absolutely feel the difference, when you are wearing underwear that fit you, and that make you feel good about yourself.  And that will show to everyone around you.

You deserve it.