You know, I always love a little behind the scenes peek at people's work.  Getting the dirt on how they got where they got, and what it is like to do what they do.  So, I figured I might pull back my blinds a bit, and let you know a little bit about that whole "+Energy Worker" side of my business.

Of course, I've been into the whole energy thing as far as I can remember.  I mean, hello, I was the kid who read and re-read the Time-Life Books on the Mysteries of the Unknown, and learned all about Spontaneous Combustions, Astral Travel, and Twins Seperated at Birth Who Lived Eerily Identical Lives.  Because when I was a kid, the Time-Life books was about all that was out there on the mysterious things in the world. 

So yeah.  I was into all the "stuff you can't see" from a young age.  But, I never thought that I could ever do any of that.  My big dream was to be psychic, and I always felt a little broken that I couldn't ever guess what symbol was on the other side of the card.

So, when it came down to Energy Work, I thought it sounded fantastic and great, but not anything that I'd ever probably do.  Aside from getting tingly hands in that Tai Chi class I took, I was a total Muggle.

And then.  One day I showed up at a meet-up that David Zarza was having.  Now, if you don't know David (and you really should), he is quite the gifted psychic and medium.  And, he too loved reading the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown books as I did.  However, he got to be blessed with psychic powers, and worked hard to strengthen them instead of pining away as I did.

Anyway.  There I sat in this lovely room, and this lovely, kind gentle David is going around giving us each a quick read.  I was nervous.  But excited.  But also nervous.  I mean, when a psychic looks at you, you feel a bit, well, naked. 

My turn came around.  And David spilled forth with some lovely information that was all right on.  But the one that really hit the nail on the head was when he said that I needed to take better care of my energy, that I was absorbing other people's energy, and I was getting all sorts of clogged up.

Well.  Wasn't that the truth.  I'd known that for a while - in my high school theater group we all went around saying what was wonderful about each person, and when it got to me they said - "Jillian, you're like a sponge.  You just soak up any bad energy, and just make everything feel better".

Which was a bit odd, to hear that you are a sponge.  I mean, I had NO awareness of that. 

But, as the years went on, I could see it.  And, I could see how people really effected me - how being around particular types of people would make me feel drained or worn out, while others made me feel really great and happy and excited about life.  So I figured that I needed to be clearing myself out, wringing out my sponge.  But every time I tried, I never really felt much better.

So, after hearing David's message (from a psychic no less), I knew it was time to do something that I'm actually quite bad at:  seek out help from others.  As it turned out, there was another meet-up (I must have really been on a kick at that time), for an organization called Psychic Awakenings, where they taught you how to take care of your energy.

It was here that I learned the trick that I tell EVERYONE (yes, you!  Listing up!):  You can't just clear out - you must also fill up.  Otherwise you just create a vacuum.  So fill up with good energy!

I started taking their classes, which taught skills on meditating and grounding and clearing and filling and laughing and playing.  So.  All good stuff.  And as I learned to fill up, I could tell a huge difference in my energy and happiness levels, and that things weren't effecting me the same way anymore.

So, I figured, well, I might as well just continue on to take their Healing Hands classes, where I would learn to actually perform energy healing.  I mean, why not?  After all, I even had a friend who said "You should do Reiki!  You'd be really good at it!"  And while this wasn't Reiki, and while I still felt that this was something Not For Me, I went ahead and did it anyway.

And you know what?  It felt totally natural.  I could sense the energy, and I could pick up information, and I just "got it".  I enjoyed giving energy healings so much, that I started giving them to everyone.  I put the word out to friends that I wanted to practice, and many people showed up to see what all this energy hoo-ha was about.

The first person outside of class that I gave an energy healing to was not what you would call a woowoo person at all.  He was curious, but didn't know if he really believed in it.  Which made me terrified.  Because while I believed in it, maybe part of me was making this shit up.  And it all sounds a little weird to someone new to it, and that made me feel insecure, and what it he didn't feel anything at all?

At the end of the session, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, I do feel more relaxed".  And went on his way.  And I was relieved.  And grateful.  Because since I started with someone who wasn't really into the whole "energy thing", I knew everything from there on out would be a piece of cake.

Shortly after him, I gave an energy healing to an acquaintance.  Still not knowing if what I was doing was actually of any use, I went through the motions and just listened to my intuition.  There really seemed to be something going on in her head area, so I spent a bit more extra attention there, and focused on getting things balanced out and opened up.  And then, sent her on her way, also more relaxed then when she came in.

After a few weeks, she returned for another healing, and told me something amazing.  Her entire life, she had been plagued with negative thoughts.  They were just something constant that she always had to deal with.  After that one session, those thoughts quieted down immensely, and she was no longer plagued by those constant negative thoughts.

WHAT?  You mean, this actually works?  Of course, I believed that it worked, but I still had this inner skeptic inside of me that thought that this all was a little too much.

Then the thought struck me - what if I offer energy healing to my Life Coaching Clients? 

So, I began putting it on my intake form, with a very cautious note that assumed that maybe they didn't want to do this energy stuff at all - that maybe it was just too much for them.  I thought it would be great for them, and great for me (because I get to tune into them before we dig into the session), but thought that many clients would be a completely turned off by it.

To this day, not a single client has turned it down. 

In fact, my clients turn up eagerly, excited for to get that yummy energy portion.  Over and over again, it helps them feel relaxed and calmed and clear and centered.  I've been told that after the energy work they feel like themselves again.  A client this past Sunday said "You know, I feel more rested after the energy work than I do after sleep". 

And of course, it is quite interesting & fun to be able to read the information that their body is putting out.  I've picked up physical injuries, pregnancies, and new lovers showing up in the picture.  I can "see" what they're struggling with at that moment of their life - working on trying communicate better, or if they've got someone else's energy/ideas/BS clogging up their energy.  And we get that OUT. 

I truly believe that adding the energy component has aided my clients in making gigantic shifts in their lives - I will often see such huge quick transformation, and I do believe working on the energetic level really helps to grease the wheels of change.

So, I kind of want to go back to that kid that I was, reading those Time Life books on the Mysteries of the Universe.  And I want to tell her "Hey, one day, you're going to be able to work magic and read psychic information too, in a way that helps people unfold and blossom into their best self.  And it's pretty fucking cool."

Interested in seeing what the whole energy thing is about?  Book an Energy Session, where you receive:
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