My Life 101 online coaching program is gearing up again, this time with new content and a few new tricks up my sleeve. 

What's new?

  • Life Projects!  I wanted to make a program that would really allow you to take the concepts and apply them directly to a life situation, so I'll be incorporating a Life Project into the mix this time.  So you can have a little test subject area of your life (money? love? body?), to apply all of the concepts that we cover to.  So you'll be making movement forward in one area, while learning how to apply it to other areas of your life when you're ready.
  • Study Buddies!  In addition to the Facebook Group, I'll also be arranging people in groups of 3, so that you can really dig in to some of the deeper topics, and have your own little micro-community to support each other.
  • Two More Weeks!  Six weeks just was not enough time to tackle YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, so let's try eight, shall we?  Give us a little more space to stretch & grow.
  • And more!  I'll be bringing in a few more of the really fun, light exercises to balance out some of the heavier work we do.  I'll also be zooming in, trimming out some of the information that might not be pertinent right now, so you can really focus on what you need to move forward.  And, a few other little tweaks here and there!

The course starts January 18th!  And once again, I'm offering early bird pricing.  If you sign up by December 31st, the cost is only $97 (eight weeks of goodness for about the same price as one coaching session!).  After that, it will be $197.

Just an fyi, I probably will be raising the price the next time around, so sign up now if you're thinking about it. 

Again, I'm offering lifetime membership (so even if you can't get to it this round, you'll still be able to run through it next time).  And discounted coaching sessions with me during the length of the course ($50 for a $90 session).

Want to know more details, including the class schedule? Visit