New blog post category!  Kickass productivity!  Productivity is something I always love to explore & learn more about, and over the years I have tried out many a tool and technique.  So, I'm going to throw some of it at you, to see if any of it can help you in your day to day living.

Currently I have a favorite tool that I've learned from the wildly popular Leo Babuta of Zen habits (and if you haven't checked him out, you should!  Especially if you are interested in simplicity + lifestyle).  It is free (success!), and is called Now Do This.  It is simplicity and focus brought to your to do list. 

It is fantastic if you just feel like there is too much to do, and you feel overwhelmed by all your tasks, and would like to just run and hide in a corner.  Or, it is also good if you are wanting to simplify your productivity, and bring a bit of zen to your daily life.

You just go to the website, and load in your task list to the box (prioritized), and hit "ready".  One task will show itself on the screen.  Do that task.  Hit "done".  The next task will show up on your screen.  Do it.  Hit Done.  I think you are getting the picture.

The reason I love this:  it calms me down and gets me moving all at the same time.  I'm the type of person who has a to do list 20 items long, that would take forever to do.  So, I get overwhelmed, and shut down, and end up surfing Facebook or watching the latest episode of the Daily Show. 

But by just focusing on ONE THING, I can do that.  Because, in that moment, it is the only thing I have to do.  And I get it done.  And then the next thing.  And the next.

Here's my secret:  the way I have been using it lately, which has really worked for me, is to plug in my daily schedule.  Being a person who works from home on my own, I have a lot of different things that can draw my attention in the day.  But by loading in my schedule each day, I can move through it step by step.  And some days I may not feel like doing a particular part of it, so I'll hit "done" and skip past it.

So.  Try it out.  Let me know what you think.