That's right, m'dears.  I have a sneaking suspicion that you have WAY too much going on in your life.  And it is really clogging things up, leaving you no room for the joy or passion that needs to find some space to take root.

So.  Try this.

Make a list of...

  • Your Work: jobs & volunteer 
    • Include your volunteer work, the things you do only occasionally, as well as, of course, your regular job
  • Your Peeps: friends & family
    • The ones you see all the time, the ones you wish you saw more, and everything in between
  • Your Play: hobbies & activities
    • The ones you do regularly, and the ones that you put off and you keep thinking I should be doing that  
  • Your Chores: life & household responsibilities
    • This includes things like cleaning your house, doing your budget/finances, body care, and so on

Take a look at your lists. No need to pour too much time into this (unless you want to), but feel free to put down your gut reaction.  As you scan down...

  1. Put a :) next to those that make you happy when you think about them
  2. Put a :( next to those that cause you to feel stress or anxiety when you look at them
  3. Put a + those that really, truly add to your life priorities
  4. Put a - those that subtract from your life priorities

Now you have it, in black and white, the things that are getting in your way.  Take a hard look at those that have both a :( and a - , and realize that it is time to release them from your life, to make more room for happiness.

Pull out those items that have :( and - and review them one by one.

Next to each item, right down your excuse for why you still think you should have this in your life.  Now, those excuses may be very valid.  However, keep in mind that if you continue to pour your energy into these activities & people, you are draining your life of energy that it needs for the things that truly keep you happy.

Look at your excuse.  Write down 5 reasons why that excuse is not valid.

Now.  What do you want to do next?