Sometimes you have to get angry.

Let me back up a moment here, and let you in on something about me:  I am not very good at being angry.  I don't like being around angry people, and avoid being angry as much as I possibly can.  It is very, very rare to see me angry - I tend to just let things roll off me, or try to understand why things are the way they are.  Certainly I can get frustrated, or irritated, or moody.  But not angry.  (But when I do get angry - watch out!!  My Aries nature really comes out.)

It is amusing, being this person who avoids anger like the plague, and yet I find myself wanting to push my clients to get angry all the time.  I find myself sitting across from these really wonderful amazing people, who are trying so hard to be good people.  To forgive, and understand, and be humble, and trust, and make things work.  Who are living these lives of not enough, where they are putting up with life situations that they just don't need.  Where they become victimized by their life, and the anger trickles out as pent-up frustration.  But what they really need is to grab anger by the horns, and climb on top of it, and ride that mother.

Anger has a bad reputation.  Sure, when people are angry, that's when a lot of horrible stuff happens.  Violence, cruel words, scary experiences.

But don't confuse those actions with the positive side of anger.  When used in a healthy way, anger can be a very powerful emotion.  Literally.  It can fill you up with power. 

Anger is no excuse to be unkind, or unloving.  Your words and actions still should be ones of respect.  The key here, though, is that through anger, you can start using those words of respect on yourself.

Anger lets you say, "No.  This is enough.  I deserve better than to be treated this way."

Anger helps you to draw boundaries.  Anger helps you to shift out of that victim mentality where you are just waiting for someone to rescue you.

Anger helps you rescue yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should go around being angry all the time yelling at people.  That's probably not going to serve you.

What I'm saying is, look at your life.  Are there areas where you just feel less than?  Where in your life do you feel like a victim?

For some, you may feel like the victim in your family.  Or your friendships.  Or your job.

For me, I was feeling like a victim in my financial situation.  Like someone was supposed to come and rescue me.  Or that people should feel sorry for me like a stray puppy dog, and feed me some of the leftovers off of their plate.

Where is it for you?  Where do you feel like other people have more power than you do?  Where do you feel like you are just taking the scraps?

When anger is accepted, and channeled, it can cause some major energetic shifts, very powerfully, and very quickly.

Anger can quickly get you out of those situations.  Anger pushes you to action.  Anger makes you feel like you can take on the world.  It stops you from continuing to draw in all that crap that you don't want, by clearing away all that "I'm not worthy" energy you're putting out there.

Now you can say, I AM worthy.  I deserve something wonderful and delicious and amazing.  And I'm not going to waste my time with anything less than exactly what I want.

And guess what?  You'll get it.