There you are, plugging away at your calling.  You are offering your Gift, and feel that you are just getting by.  You know that abundance is available if you could only reach out and grab it.  But yet somehow you just feel that you are destined to be impoverished.  Well, you aren't. 

Here are a few ideas that will help get that money flowing in.

1.  Leap before you look
OOoohhh, how easy it is to wait to buy everything, to wait to invest in things, until you have all that money coming in.  And so you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And pine away for the things that you need for your business.

Guess what?  It doesn't work that way.

Go out and buy whatever it is that you need - whether it is some new technology, a course or program, coaching, a new wardrobe, or whatever - and the money will come in to support it.  Create the void, and the money will be drawn in to fill it up.

When I started my coaching practice, I would work with people over the phone, or in my living room, waiting for the day that I would be able to afford my own office.  But I wasn't drawing in paying clients to get me there.  Until.  One day I did.  And I freaked out, because I had no place to meet with them.  I had been working on manifesting an office, but oddly, no one came knocking on my door to announce that it was ready for me.  How strange.

So, I just went ahead and jumped.  I had already figured out where I wanted my office (at Bodhicitta Healing Center), but didn't know if I could afford having my own office.  But I went and signed the lease anyway.

Guess what?  Once I had my space, the clients began flowing in.  The Universe was waiting for me to take the step to say, Yep, I really mean it. 

You have to step forward into the void, and the Universe will rush up to support you.  The money will often show up AFTER you've already committed to something.

Another example of that:  I had waited to buy a new iPhone.  I was manifesting the hell out of it.  But no iPhone magically showed up at my door.  So finally, after yet ANOTHER manifesting exercise for an iPhone, I said, screw it, and just bought one.  As it turned out, I was able to get one for $90 through my phone plan.  And then turned around and sold my old one for $60.  So, my lovely new iPhone only cost me $30.  But I had to step forward in action before that could all settle into place.

I could give you example after example of this (moving to a new city with no job, moving to Ireland for 7 months, trip to Peru, and on...).  You need to do it all backwards.

2.  Stop being angry at the 1%
Got issues with wealthy people?  Get over it.  There seems to be this pervasive belief that to be spiritual and "good" you have to be poor.  And only bad people have money.  I see this over and over and over.  Well.  What do you think you are setting yourself up for when you think that way?  More poverty, to prove just how good you are.

But the truth is, money is neutral.  Are there are a lot of assholes out there doing horrible things with money?  Yes.  But there are a lot of assholes out there that are broke, too.  Just those with money seem to be able to make more of a stir.

Personally, I think this is an amazing opportunity.  Imagine, if those who were dedicated to doing good in the world would allow themselves to be millionaires.  You can be one of these people.  Imagine how you could plant your $ as little seeds, to grow things of beauty, and to foster the brilliance in others.

Because isn't the point not to have the 1% move into the 99%, but rather to move the 99% into the 1%?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all live in abundance?  By sending angry energy out at those who are wealthy, you are holding back your own ability to be abundant.  Instead, get excited about how you can be as wealthy as you want, and how it is your calling to be someone who can collect money, and redistribute that wealth to good causes.

3.  Walk into your fear
Also known as:  step out of your comfort zone.  There you are, going along, doing what you do, and probably getting fairly consistent results.  Are those results getting you what you want?  I'm guessing not.  It is time to step beyond the usual work that you are doing, and create something new.

Whatever type of work you do (coaching, massage, teaching, making doilies for all I know), it is easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut.  But I am willing to bet that there is some wild idea in the back of your head that will take your business in a whole new direction.  And I bet that idea really scares the crap out of you.

Go for it.  Go for it, even though you're afraid it is the wrong thing to do (it isn't).  Even though you think no one will be interested in it (they'll love it).  Even though you suspect that you really aren't an expert enough to offer it (you are).  Even though you are SURE no one will hire you in this market or insert whatever excuse you have (they will).

Go for it even though you are sure you are going to fail, you are going to do it wrong, it isn't going to be good enough, and it will ultimately lead you to a path of such ruinous destruction that you are going to end up homeless.

Because, my dear, whatever THAT is, is some pretty good shit.  If it has you that wigged out, then it MUST be good, because you are really freaking out that it is so amazing that you might screw it up.

Do it.  Jump into your fear.  The Universe will eagerly run up to you and support you in every way it can.  Because YOU are the Universe's favorite reality show, and when things get exciting and scary, that is when they get good, and the Universe wants to watch more of THAT.  It HAS to support it, because it will allow more amazing wonder to come.

Though, the note is:  you really need to DO it.  Finish it.  Announce it.  You have to make it real.  And remember, DO NOT SETTLE.  Go after what you think is impossible.  Because it is totally possible.  You are really going to surprise yourself.

4.  Receive the abundance from the Universe!
Oh.  I see.  You think this is the easy one. 

How many gift cards do you have sitting in your wallet?  How many checks have you not cashed?  How much money is there waiting to be collected?  Rebates to send in?  Groupons to use?  Outstanding payments to collect on?

You know what you are saying when you aren't collecting all of this money at your disposal?  "Screw you Universe, I don't need your stinkin' money".  And the Universe says, "Oh, okay.  I see that you don't need money so bad, so I'll just go on to the next person."

USE YOUR GROUPONS.  USE YOUR GIFT CARDS.  CLAIM YOUR MONEY.  Gather up all that money and enjoy it!  Let it flow!  Because right now, all of those things are like big boulders in the river of your abundance, just churning up some scary rapids and not allowing all that money to smoothly glide into your life.

5.  Spend with Gratitude
Every time you spend your money, you just may cringe.  You think, I really shouldn't be spending money here.  Or, I hope I have enough money for this.  Or perhaps, this is such a rip off, I can't believe I'm buying it.

Thinking negative thoughts is just like pouring salt on a slug.  (Yes.  I said that.  Well, I'm from Oregon, we do have quite the familiarity with slugs...).  It makes money recoil, because you are just being mean to it.  Honestly.

If things are tight, then isn't it really lovely and amazing that you have the money to spend on something?  Even if you have to use debt, isn't it great that there is that resource for you?

The more you can spend in a state of gratitude, the more you open the gates for the flood of money to come in.  Because really, do you think money wants to hang out with a grump?  Do you?  No. 

People tend to like people who like them.  Money is just the same.  Money wants to be at the party where everyone gets excited when they walk in - even if it is a potluck and they've shown up empty handed.  Money wants to be loved.

And when it is loved, it is just going to keep on coming back for more and more and more.

So.  Get ready for that.


Okay. So there are a few thoughts.  There are more and more, but those will get you going.

Do you have some things that you find work for you?  Please share them with everyone in the comments below!