And, I'm back.

I really disappeared off of the scene for awhile, didn't I?  Yes I did.  And it was intentional.  I needed to take some time, rest, recoup, and refocus. 

Life is like that sometimes, you know.  Sometimes it may look like there is nothing going on at the surface level, but under the ground there is churning and shifting and moving happening.  Things are rearranging themselves so that you will have an even more solid foundation to build upon.

It could be, in your life when it looks as if nothing is really happening, certainly nothing exciting at least, that the most important work is being done.  It is this time when you are preparing your ground for the magnificent building you are about to create.  Because if you had started on your path (new career, new relationships, weight loss, what have you) before you had really prepped the ground and made it more solid, the building would not stand.

So, let's get building.