Yesterday evening, I was talking to a dear friend about binge eating - and how crappy we feel the next day, just knowing how far we fell short of our personal expectations.  I call this an Emotional Hangover.  Where the day before you did something (or didn't do something), and now feel pretty shitty about it.  Perhaps you had a horribly lazy unproductive day.  Or you said something you regret.  Or <insert regret here>.

It can really make for a miserable next few days.  There is nothing worse than waking up, and just feeling that yuck, that dread, that disappointment in oneself.  Going from doing pretty well, climbing up that little ladder of a good life, only to fall several rungs, smacking your head on the way down.

I recommended to my friend, and I will share this with you, an inspiration I had on one of these days.

Put a fence around it.

In your mind, imagine yourself wrapping that day up in a fence.  Acknowledge that yesterday was yesterday, and you are just going to seal it up so it doesn't bleed over into today.  Instead, it allows the energy from the day before (where perhaps you were more productive/successful/happy), to seep through and carry you forward.

It is a wonderful way for you to release the negative energy, and to stop beating yourself up.  It doesn't change whatever happened yesterday.  It just keeps it out of the yard of today.

Try it out.  Let me know what you think!


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