"I want to redefine what it means to be beautiful."
-David Roche

I recently came across this video, and knew I had to share it all with you, to help you wake up to your beauty.

You see, I believe that before we are born, our soul plans certain challenges and experiences to help grow our souls, and help grow the souls of others.  And that often, we choose learn through contrast or absence.  We learn about love by being unloved, and we learn about courage by being afraid.  By going into the challenge, we are given the opportunity to dig deep within to see that we have what we are looking for within us, all along.  Just like Dorothy.

My breathe was taken away by the beautiful challenge that this man, David Roche, has set his life path to be.  His life has been a journey for him to learn about true beauty, and to help other people to see and accept their deep beautiful as well.  After all, we all feel disfigured in some way, whether it is external or internal.  But that "disfigurement" is not who we are, nor is it anything that should make us feel any less than the amazing being that we are.

One look into this man's eyes and you feel a little more permission to burn a little brighter in the world.

Thank you, David, for burning brightly.