I need to give a shout out to my girl Carina.

First.  Let's start with her name.  Carina Van Son.  Can it really get any more delicious than that?  no.  It can't.  This is exactly the kind of name that you want to have stick a hand in how you present yourself to the world, and make it all better.

Carina is a fashion maven.  She's also a writer.  She is the fashion editor and blogs for KissFM, has her own blog trimcarina.blogspot.com, and writes the monthly blog feature Stay Classy at GirlPowerHour.com, AND is the director of style for the amazing social and dating coaching service Attractology.com.  My goodness that girl is busy.

But my experience with her was as a clothes shopping savior.  Saviorette?

Those of you who read my blog, or who have ever had a conversation with me, know that I believe that all the physical things in our lives have an impact on our selves.  And whoa, baby, do clothes really fit into that category.

You may recall my Put Your Panties Where Your Mouth Is post (which has led too many to my site expecting something, ahem, else).  You may recall the following:  "Your clothes are symbolic of how you portray yourself to the world.  Your clothes are how you define yourself, and how you ask others to define you.  They capture your identity, and represent your personality and how you feel about yourself to everyone around you.  Your clothes are the biggest billboard about you that there is."

True story.  And not only do your clothes define you to the world, they define you to yourself.  When you feel crappy, you wear crappy clothes.  And when you wear crappy clothes, you feel crappy.  It is a real cycle.

Confession.  My clothes closet was a sad state of affairs.  I hate clothes shopping.  It reminds me that I am not a) a model, or b) a millionaire.  Clothes shopping tends to be the place that I have a nervous breakdown.  Seriously.  I do not allow anyone to go with me, out of respect for our relationship.  And their heads.  Which I would surely bite off.

So, there my closet was, languishing away.  I knew I needed better.  I even put a request out to the Universe for a new wardrobe on my "requests" tab on my financial spreadsheet.  Yes, this is true.  I'm a spreadsheet weirdo.

The Universe answered!

Enter:  Carina.

I've been working with this fantastic fella Tyler Young, over at attractology.com (another post on that amazingness to come), and getting my dating woowoo in order.  Or perhaps juju more than woowoo.  Or maybe just getting rid of my coocoo.

ANYWAY.  Carina has partnered up with Tyler, as the stylist at attractology.com, to help people pull out the true beauty lurking within, and have it show on the outside.  You know.  Where the people you want to date first look.  Before they look on the inside.  In a metaphorical, not dirty, way.  You.

SO.  Carina came over to my place with Tyler, to give me and my wardrobe a little look over.  Honestly, I was terrified.  Here is someone who knows FASHION, who not only knows it, but lives it and eats it up with a spoon.  And then there is my closet, which is half filled with clothes my mother bought for me, because I'm too terrified to go shopping.  And I thought, oh goodness, this Carina might not like what she sees.  I just prayed she didn't pull a Tim Gunn and open up my underwear drawer, exclaiming at the contents.  (Thank God, she didn't.  Though, after my panties post, I DID clean that sucker up).

I had nothing to fear.  Carina was gentle yet direct, in a kind, supportive way.  She pointed out something that I wasn't even aware of, which I think she was surprised that I had no awareness.  My entire wardrobe was a spring/summer wardrobe.  I didn't have any winter clothes.  And winter was upon us.  My sandals were not the optimal shoes of choice.  And I might need more than two sweaters.

So she quickly rushed me off to Nordstrom's.  And by quickly, I mean the following week, which is quick for me, since I go clothes shopping MAYBE once a year.

It was the best clothes shopping experience of my life.

I stood there in the dressing room, in my delicates, as I was brought item after item of clothing that actually would suit my body style AND would be attractive.  I didn't have to stress myself out about the number on the label (I didn't even have to look), nor did I have to wonder if the style was something that would fit my body type.  Because Carina knew.  And I could just trust her.

Carina was my magical fairy clothes mother.

I walked away with a delicious wardrobe of clothes that have transformed me.  It is amazing to me how much different I feel between my old clothes (sloppy and second rate) and my new clothes (professional, stylish, someone to stand out and be noticed).  And it has changed the way I feel about my body.  Now that I have clothes that fit it right, I feel so much more confident and calmer about my body.  And about who I am as a person.

The problem now?  I don't want to wear any of my old clothes.  And apparently, my friends don't want to see them either.  One woman I work with exclaimed when she saw me that day "What are you wearing today?!" Then her voice dropped. "Oh.  It's just your old clothes."

So, you better just check this girl out.  She'll magic wand you head to toe, out of that dowdy rag wear into the amazing ball gown that you deserve, Cinderella style.  I think it is time, don't you?

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