Okay, I HAD to share this one.  It f'ing cracked me up, and was so right on the money.  I think many of us Life Coach types often get a little swept away by constantly being told we need to be making "top 10" or "top 25" lists of things - because EVERYONE LOVES LISTS.  I, so far, have held myself back from going crazy down this path.  Because I think a list of "25 things that make you happy" are usually just vomiting up the same stuff over and over that we already know.

So.  When I saw this post on I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog, I knew I had to pass it on...

Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace

 Some of my favorite quotes from the article...

"I can’t fucking remember the last time I pranced around a tropical island paradise waving a white scarf around my head as a professional photographer snapped a picture, but I bet if I did, I’d be a whole lot happier too."

"#3 Seriously, do you want that burger? Then just fucking eat a burger. Don’t be gross about it, and don’t eat a burger three meals a day. But I beg you, women and image-conscious male humans of the world, stop beating yourself up about it and just eat the fucking burger."

"Dance because you’re drunk at a big dance party with your friends and Michael Jackson is playing, not because ‘no one is watching.’ Everyone is watching. We’re at a fucking party. That’s how parties work."