What if each one of us has a threshold for a certain amount of drama in our lives? I like to imagine a bucket, with a line around the inside which indicates the water, or really drama, line.  So that, as the drama level in our lives go down lower than our mark, we look around for more drama to fill that bucket up with. 

I'm sure you know people like this.  That always have to be in a state of drama, and will look around and create some more when they are running low.  Well, we are all like this.  We just have different levels of where we place that mark.

And this doesn't only apply to drama.  I've discovered that this also applies to the stress and pressure we put on ourselves.  We go around, so stressed about needing to get x, y, and z done, as if the world were going to collapse if we didn't check off our little boxes.  Finally, we get x, y, and z done.  But no time to relax!  Because now it is time to get a, b, and c done!

Take a moment to look at your life.  Do you seem to be filling up your life with drama or stress? 

Do you realize that YOU are the one who sets the threshold?

Yep.  You can just go ahead and lower it.  Make a choice, set an intention.  You don't have to fill that bucket up. 

You can relax, and let go.  And live.