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Take The Next Step

Posted by Jillian Harrington on Thursday, February 23, 2012, In : calling 

Yesterday, on my way in to my old job, I passed by a church that always has some clever or insightful saying on their billboard.  I'll be honest, I always like checking out the sign, seeing what it has to say, because secretly I think it is a message from the Universe just for me.  But this time, I think it was for you, too.

"It is not important what you do.  It is important what you do next."

Indeed.  Thank you Universe.

Did you get that?  It's perfect. 

So often we get stuck in our own muck, a...
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Bringing You Your Fashion Fairy God Mother

Posted by Jillian Harrington on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, In : home 

I need to give a shout out to my girl Carina.

First.  Let's start with her name.  Carina Van Son.  Can it really get any more delicious than that?  no.  It can't.  This is exactly the kind of name that you want to have stick a hand in how you present yourself to the world, and make it all better.

Carina is a fashion maven.  She's also a writer.  She is the fashion editor and blogs for KissFM, has her own blog, and writes the monthly blog feature Stay Classy at GirlPower...
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Hibernation Concluded

Posted by Jillian Harrington on Monday, February 20, 2012, In : latest news 
And, I'm back.

I really disappeared off of the scene for awhile, didn't I?  Yes I did.  And it was intentional.  I needed to take some time, rest, recoup, and refocus. 

Life is like that sometimes, you know.  Sometimes it may look like there is nothing going on at the surface level, but under the ground there is churning and shifting and moving happening.  Things are rearranging themselves so that you will have an even more solid foundation to build upon.

It could be, in your life when it looks...
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