New tool for you to raise your vibration up to a happier level!  I call it the "Spray Bottle of Love".

It seems like I'm always working on something, in my constant quest for spiritual development.  Currently up in my life:  working on being a more loving, accepting person.  Because lately, there has been one relationship situation in my life where I am really acting from a small place.  Sometimes, with some people, it is easy to get in a place of judgement, or of self-righteousness, or of I'm SO right and you're SO wrong.

But sitting in that place, while it feels great for the ego, does not feel so great for my Self.  It does not make me feel like a very good, kind, loving, accepting person.  However fun it may feel temporarily. 

I decided to try to pull myself up a bit, from my vibrational bootstraps.  But let me tell you, when I thought about easing up on things and trying to center my self from a more loving place, my ego was not too excited about that.  Oh, that wacky ego.

So here's what popped into my mind (thanks guides!).  I've been using it lately, and want to share it with you, so we can all just go spraying the heck out of everything.

It's my little Spray Bottle of Love.  In my head, I just imagine a spray bottle, and I fill it up with love - it never runs out, I never have to worry about refilling it.  Go ahead and purchase it from the UniverseDepot, if you need to. 

As I walk through the day, I just squirt my little spray bottle at whatever I feel like.  A person passing me on the street, the food I'm about to eat, this blog post, or even on myself, when I start to get judgmental of myself or others.  If you're in a crowd, you can even pull out a hose or a fountain, and just squirt that love all over the place.

What I have found?  After squirting, I do feel an opening in my heart, and love bubbles up a bit.  Or perhaps a smile plays on my lips.  All in all, I just feel good, happier, and brighter.

Remember, it is all about intention.  If you have the intention of spreading love around the world, then you are.  Whether it is from a spray bottle, or a hose, or a paint brush.  Use whatever tool works for you.

Now.  Go spread some love.