Are you ready to completely shift your life?  Really ready?  Then get ready to dig in.

Pick one area of your life that you want to see change.  Money?  Relationships?  Romance?  Work?

I'm going to bet that, in that area, you are settling for less than you truly want or desire.  Because you think that is all you can get.  And so, that is all you are getting.

So.  Let's change that.

Write down a scale from 1 to 10. 
  • At #1, write what that area would look like if you had absolutely nothing.
  • At #10, write down what it would look like if you had absolutely everything.
  • Now.  Identify where you are at on that scale.  #2?  #8?

I want you to decide, right now, that you will not settle for that any longer.  And I want you to really feel it.  As if you are saying, fuck no.

Do what you need to do to get you there.  But do it.  Get to a place where you say, NO, I will not sit at number (whatever), any longer. 

Raise your bar.  What number will you be willing to accept as your lowest number?  This doesn't have to be your ideal, but merely, the "I am not willing to accept anything less than 'x'".

Make that choice.  Firmly.  And declare it to yourself.

Once you've done that, I want to look at areas of your life that you associate with lower numbers than the bar you've set for yourself.

Get rid of them. 

  • If it is appearance you are looking at - get rid of any clothes that make you feel less than the number you selected.
  • If it is relationships, get rid of those that are less than your bar of how you are willing to be treated.
  • If it is money, decide that you are no longer willing to accept your salary at your job - and go in and ask for a raise.  Or quit.

Yes.  These can be scary things. 

Because you have been clinging to your security blanket, which is no security at all.

In truth, holding on to that security blanket has kept you from cuddling up under the luxury duvet you've had your eyes on.

You have to let go and jump.  Now.