1)  Let the light shine in

And the fresh air, for that matter.  Opening your windows can bring in fresh new energy into your living space, and revitalize it. Ch'i, which is essentially the Chinese word for lifeforce or energy, enters your home through the windows and doors.  (This becomes important when looking at furniture arrangement allowing the ch'i to flow properly).  To revitalize my home, I often will open the windows to let it in.

And on that note, when was the last time you cleaned your windows?  Also important to let the good stuff flow in on those not so warm days.

2)  Stink it up!   

Okay, maybe not stink.  Many of us know that sage is a great purifier, one of the best certainly.  But did you know that other positive scents can also enhance your home and lift your energy?  And it doesn't have to be incense, either, although of course it can be!  Scent has a VERY powerful effect on us, as many of us know, and can take us to places emotionally quite quickly.  Just think of the perfume your mom always wore, or the smell of fresh baked bread.  Nasty smells can have quite an effect on us as well, even though we can quickly grow to not noticing them, they can continue to pull our energy down.  


Find a scent that appeals to you, whether that is a perfume, an incense, essential oil, or what have you.  Pick something that really resonates with you right now, as that is a great cue that it is something that you need more of in your life.  As we would say in the woo woo world, it is a "vibrational match" to you.  Put more simply, this means that what you are pulled to is often what you need in your life.  So if sage is a turn off to you, but that lavender is rocking your world, grab the lavender!


Now!  Go ahead and light up!  Or, if you have an oil or perfume, you can spritz it around, or put some on your light bulbs and curtains to add that aroma to your home that will feed your need. 


3)  Break it down!

Energy can become stagnant in our homes, and get clogged.  One of the big ways this happens is with dust and clutter.  If you were to put on a special pair of glasses that would let you "see" energy, you would see the areas that are clutter would also have this sticky, dark energy.  Energy that drains you and makes you feel exhausted. 

Look around your home, where do you think the "darkest" energy is, especially those clutter dust areas that are out in the open.  Find the biggest & baddest of them that you think you can tackle in an hour, and break it down.  See what you can recycle, or give away, or throw away, and do it!  And go back to that area, and give it a good cleaning (dust, surface spray cleanser, vaccuum, sweep, everything it could need).  You will be amazed how much different that area will feel, and in fact the whole room will feel a little happier.  Don't be surprised if you feel energized to tackle another area.  When you release the "stuck" energy, you will find you have the energy to do more things.

4)  Don't sweep it under the rug.

The gunk in our lives, both physically and energetically, usually ends up on the floor.  It is amazing to me how sweeping my apartment can make it feel more clean.  Well, duh, you say, you're CLEANING.  But somehow, it feels much more clean than it should after just a sweep.  So get out your broom or vacuum, and get to it.  Bonus idea:  Imagine yourself sweeping all the things out of your home and life that you don't want as you physically sweep (or vacuum) your home.  By setting this intention you may actually be doing just that on a non-physical level.  Meaning- you will begin to send out the energy/intention to get this stuff out of your life.  And the universe will be your dustpan.

5) Turn it UP!

Turn on the music!  Perhaps you've found that music really helps you clean - I do.  Music can really help pick up your energy, which is why so many people love to listen to music when they are exercising, because it makes physical activity so much easier.  Particularly when the music is fast paced.  Imagine that you vibrate at a certain frequency.  When you listen to music, your vibrational frequency will shift to match the music.  After all, music is all about vibrations.   


And then imagine that your home has its own vibration, just like you do.  By playing music, you can lift your home's energy level as well.


So, just like with the scents, go to music that really calls to you, because that will show you what you really need right now.  Perhaps you need to get more buzz and pick something fast pace, or maybe you want something calming and relaxing.  We all know how music can be so useful in setting the mood.  Just like you have a mood, so does your home.  And music can influence you both.


6)  Get it OUT!

You've swept and decluttered.  You've spritzed and you've sang (if you sang.  Not required, but definitely recommended).  Your windows are open and your head is clear.


Now.  It's time to get out the junk.  Take out the trash, take out the recycling, take out the clutter that you've decided to let go of.  If you can, find someplace for your donations/gifts to others so that they are at least out of site, but not by the front door.  The front door is where most of that lifeforce energy will pour in, and you don't want to flavor the energy with your junk.


As you get all of these things out that hold lower level vibrational energy, you'll be allowing more space for positive, happy energy to takeover your space.

Now kick back, listen to that music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy your life. 


After all, isn't that what this is all about?


And let me know if you try any or all of the above tips, and how it works for you!  Or if you have any tips of your own that you'd like to share!