My Mission:

To inspire you to see all the joy in your life - even in the mucky gunk. To empower you to cut out all the fake bullshit you tell yourself (your fears, your crazy beliefs, all that old stuff that doesn't serve you at all but keeps you running in the wrong direction). To motivate you to expand your possibilities and really seize all that life has to offer.  Because life is sitting there, ready, in all its deliciousness, just waiting for you to go all in.

My Vision:

I am choosing to help create a world where each one of us lives a kickass life that is full of purpose and magic, where a desire is discovered and easily made reality, and where every single life experience is taken as an opportunity to blossom more fully in to the person that we are becoming. And, where all of this is stitched together with laughter.

My vision is for each one of us to look back on our life and say "YES! That life was amazing. I really think I nailed it this time".

My Education & Experience:

  • I am a certified Advanced Transformational Life Coach, from the Seattle Life Coach Training institute, back in good ol' 2010.  
  • I am trained in Energy Healing having completed the Healing Hands Certification at Psychic Awakenings, received my Reiki Attunement from from Samar Abulhassan of Open Field Reiki, as well as received training from faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  Utilizing energy work in my coaching practice has allowed for extremely fast past emotional healing to occur so that my clients are able to step out of the past gunk and into the future wonder.
  • I've had a bit of a cut-and-past university education: studied for 2 years at Boston University, as an acting major, then double majored in Religious Studies and Psychology at Marylhurst University for 2 years.  I finished up my degree with a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington.  I was particularly interested in social psychology, learning a wide variety of fascinating information about how our environment affects our behavior and our view of ourselves.  You'd be surprised.
  • I worked as a life coach from 2010 through to 2014, taking 5 years off, restarting my practice in 2019. During that time I entered the wonderful world of Human Resources, received my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) credential, and worked in government non-profit and the tech industry. My HR work has really helped me in coaching - not only from a jobs/career perspective, but also from a how-we-show-up-in-our-lives-with-others sort of way. Oh the nuances of human behavior.
  • I studied with a shaman for in the Peruvian Amazon, going on a vision quest and everything.  Though the process, I got a glimpse into what our full potential and reality is as human beings.  No big deal.
  • I lived in Ireland, working at a peace and reconciliation center, dealing with the Troubles in Northern Ireland.  While I learned a lot about stereotypes, prejudice, and identity, I really learned first hand about making your impossible dreams possible, and actually stepping into them. I thought living in Ireland with no work visa and no huge savings was impossible.  I was wrong.  Instead, I ended up living the best time in my life.
  • As you can tell, I've really gone all over the place to gather up all the lovely bits of education that stirred my interest.  Its been a wonderful journey.

My Personality Archetypes:

  • Meyers-Briggs: 
    • ENFJ | Mentor / Advocate
  • StrengthsFinder: 
    • Communication | Thoughts into words
    • Strategic | Spot patterns and can see how to move forward
    • Futuristic | Inspire others with vision of future
    • Activator | Makes things happen
    • Individualization | Sees unique qualities & potential of people
  • Astrology: 
    • Aries Sun | Warrior / Initiator
    • Taurus Moon | Builder
    • Virgo Rising | Analyst / Mentor
  • Insights Colors: 
    • Motivator
    • Tope 2 Colors:
      • Yellow | Sociable / People-person
      • Red | Purposeful / Leader
  • Thrive Types: 
    • Scholar | Curious Learner
    • Priestess | Inspired Motivator
    • Sage | Community Builder

Let's get to know each other, shall we? 

Hello, My Name Is: Jillian.  

I'm here to get you out of your junk, get you focused, motivated and strategized.  More importantly, I'm here to help you become the best you that you can be, and to live a life that is so delicious, the juices get all over your face.  And sometimes I do it with a snarky sense of humor.  And sometimes I get a little woowoo.  But I always come from a place of deep respect and love for who you are as an amazing person, and know that you have more potential than you even realize. 

So, a little secret about me, that's not so secret.  I'm an intuitive, but my intuitive gifts focus in on a specific area.  I like to think of intuitive-ness like a radio dial, and that different intuitive gifts "tune in" to specific type of information.

What do I intuitively tune in to?  Life lessons.  Specifically, I can tune into what it is you are here to learn in life, and what shifts need to happen to help you through it.  We all have different challenges that we face - self trust, confidence, being powerful, receiving love.  And these issues show up in all sorts of ways in our life.  They show up in our career.  They show up in our money.  They show up in our relationships.

They show up as struggle.  They show up as us not having the fulfilled life we want to.

And underneath all of it is a common theme, a thread, that needs to be unwound so we can have the money, career, relationships, and life that we truly desire and deserve.

I will help you to see and understand your issues, and what it is that you are being called to do.  And then, one step at a time, we will turn the tables on these issues, beyond your doubts and your limiting beliefs, to look at what you REALLY can achieve in life.  Truly, you are here to be an amazing person.  And to be happy.  So often we get in the way of that.  We are silly creatures, us.  But still.  There is hope.

Sometimes we just need someone to help us get through all the muck, and figure out where we want to go, and how we need to get there.  And then to help us see that yes, YES, we actually CAN have what we desire.  It actually is possible.  And not for just some imaginary person out there.  But for little ol' us.  We can have everything we desire.  That is why we desire it, so that we can experience the deliciousness of having it, and the excitement of reaching out and grabbing it.

One of my other secrets?  I have a magical power to make people feel motivated, confident, and energized to move forward.  It's true.  I wasn't even aware of it at first, and it was a bit odd when people would tell me the effect I put out (imagine being in high school, having other teenagers tell you that you are like a sponge - in a good way, soaking up all the negative energy, and making everyone feel happy and calm).  But now I realize it is just part of who I am.  I infect people with my energy, and inspire them to move beyond what they thought was possible.

Are you ready for that? 

I am.

Now it's YOUR turn.




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